Present Perfect Example in English

Present perfect in English is defined as the verb tense that marks events that have already occurred in the past tense but still have relevance in the present.

This type of verb tense does not correctly indicate when things happened, but if it stands out, it is the result that said action left. To know what is being talked about, the following words are used: “just”, “already”, “yet”, “recently”, “lately”.

10 Examples of Present Perfect in English

  1. They lost my book: they have lost my book.
  2. I have cooked something special for my son: I have cooked something special for my son.
  3. I have worked for my mother: I have for my mother.
  4. She has finished reading my book: She has finished Reading my book.
  5. She has forgotten what I told her: She has forgotten what said.
  6. I have seen that novel several times: I have seen that novel several times.
  7. She has gone to the park: She has gone to the park.
  8. They have gone to the pool: They have gone to the pool.
  9. He has read the message: He has read to message.
  10. She ate the sweet: She has ate the sweet.

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