Practical examples of FMEA

The modal analysis of failure and effects, or as its acronym FMEA indicates , is a methodology that is used with the purpose of identifying and preventing failures that can occur or be caused in a product during its design period.

Throughout this article, we will explain in more detail the functions and characteristics of this outstanding methodology and, along with them, the practical examples of FMEA.

Functions of the FMEA

The AMFE (Modal Analysis of Failure and Effects) aims to initially add all the features and characteristics that guarantee the safety, quality and safety of the product or service provided by the company, company or business, in addition to guaranteeing that the product follows the required guidelines and meet consumer expectations.

This is also responsible for reducing time and value in terms of manufacturing . Not to mention that it helps to prevent possible failures that this product may present, since when inconveniences occur with it, it can cause a chain of high costs in terms of production and manufacturing, these range from decreased proactivity or delay in any work of the designed product, generating in turn, problems with consumers.

Types of FMEA

Next, we will give you a list of the most popular modal analysis of failures and effects:

  • FMEA of concept. This is in charge of analyzing the systems of all the primary and pre-design stages.
  • Design AMFE. This is in charge of analyzing the product before creating a prototype and before producing it.
  • Process FMEA. This analyzes the manufacturing processes of the product and its adjustment.
  • AMFE of machinery and equipment. Analyze the machinery and equipment used to ensure product quality.
  • FMEA software. As its name implies, it is in charge of analyzing that the software functions work correctly.

Practical examples of FMEA

Next, we will provide you with the most practical examples of FMEA so that, with our help, you can recognize the situations in which it is necessary:

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