PowerPoint Features

Power point

It is a program that is part of those created by the Microsoft company.

It is a tool that serves to simplify the topics presented in it , through graphics, texts, images and videos, helping to facilitate the understanding of the topic that you want to express.

PowerPoint Features

  1. There are predesigned templates in this tool, in order to facilitate work on it.
  2. It has several extensions where to save the file made.
  3. It is commonly used in presentations.
  4. Each new sheet within the document is called a slide .
  5. You can add titles and texts varied the model and color according to the user’s taste.
  6. Images can be inserted in this tool .
  7. It has animation tools that are used to give effect, sound and movement to the presentation.
  8. It makes it easy to integrate various file formats into your presentation.
  9. Animation between slide transition and component shaking is applied .
  10. You can play with the dimension of the slide views .

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