Power of Attorney examples

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is a document that is used to delegate to a third party the power to carry out an action on behalf of the person who authorizes said letter. It may be an administrative , commercial or legal procedure, this document has our signature and with it the person in charge can carry out an action that we cannot and that is specified in the letter.

The power of attorney is a private document and the person who is entrusted with the authority to act on behalf of the interested party can present it to public or private companies or government institutions, this document is valid for a certain circumstance and time , this means that it does not It can be used for more than one purpose unless this is detailed within the letter with express authorization from the person in charge.

This document has some restrictions such as that the representative of the person cannot act contrary to the will of the interested party, nor does it remove any right of the grantor to make any decision and a third important point is that this power of attorney loses all validity in the moment in which the person in charge finds out that the interested party has died.

Power of Attorney examples

  1. Model 1

In Welcome City, August 8, 2019

I, María de los Altos Mirandinos, here PRESENT and in full mental faculties,  GRANT  to Mrs.  Josefa Camejo  special, broad and sufficient power so that she can carry out the specific steps entrusted to me on my behalf, which are the following:

  • Cancel the vehicle brand printe branco blanco license plate 2826-S
  • Pay the last two installments corresponding to the tax on possession or use of the vehicle.

And in the same way, I can answer and respond to the demands that appear in connection with said requests, attending to the correct use and handling of said power and signatures, provided that my rights are protected and my personal interests benefit.

This letter is valid for 2 days, beginning today after the time the signatures are finalized, and ending on March 10, 2020.

Proxy Grantor

(Signature) (signature)

  1. Model 2

In Buenavista on August 31, 2019

Mr. Martín Torres Torres


I hereby GRANT to  Mr. Manuel de los Bajos Altos,  broad, fulfilled and sufficient power of attorney to act on my behalf and on my behalf in the following steps:

  • Collect the legal documents belonging to my properties, located in my office.
  • Make the payment of the corresponding services that are pending to be canceled.

And likewise to respond to the demands and suggestions that are made against me and to establish delaying and peremptory exceptions, render evidence, recognize signatures and many other resources that favor my interests, as well as to replace this power by ratifying from today everything I do about this.

I accept the granting power

(signature)           (signature)

Witness 1 Witness 2

(Signature 1)      (Signature 2)

  1. Model 3

Valencia Venezuela on November 2, 2019

I, Mario alfonzo Segura, executive director of Empresas INdema, with identity document number: 264589962, of legal age and in full mental faculties, hereby state that I GRANT  the power of attorney in favor of  Juan Segura , my son, for all those Legal procedures, so that I defend and represent my rights in the next trial and I extend the power in the economic sphere regarding the management of the accounts that I have in my name and the investments made to date. Mr. Juan Segura will freely dispose of all this to move it or dispose of it on free demand, until the culmination of the trial on January 12, 2020 or until my death.

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