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Population Example

A group of people, things, or animals that share related characteristics is deducted by population.

Population characteristics

There are two scenarios for a population to be designated as such:

  • Homogeneity:  It is where a general population must irreparably share characteristics of equality among its members. For example: Different applicants to a job are a homogeneous population type, since they share the same purpose to that position.
  • Heterogeneity:  It is where a population must be diverse in relation to another population. For example: People of European origin residing in China are similar to each other but completely different in customs.

35 Examples of Populations

  1. Trader population, this is the correct way to identify people who are engaged in commercial work.
  2. Rural population, are the people who live in a rural area of ​​a country, state or region.
  3. Economic or cultural population, this is usually observed in slums.
  4. Population of older adults in America.
  5. Bird population in danger of extinction in the Amazon.
  6. A population of E colli bacteria observed under a microscope in an agar culture.
  7. Kangaroos population that inhabit Australia.
  8. Wild horse population in Texas United States.
  9. Bengal tiger population in India.
  10. Penguin population in Antarctica.
  11. Student population of Venezuela.
  12. Floating population of Mexico, this city is made up of all the people who work in this country but who live outside of it.
  13. Latin population living in Europe.
  14. Marginalized Population in Africa.
  15. World Population, total number of human beings that inhabit the Earth.
  16. Population Minorities, the form small groups.
  17. Aquatic population, this is the one that is formed by animals that live in the water.
  18. African population, the number of people living on the African continent.
  19. Agricultural population are those who maintain a life in the countryside.
  20. European population, is the one that resides only in the European continent.
  21. Asian population, is the one that resides in the Asian continent.
  22. Tree population, number of trees in a specific location.
  23. Criminal population, number of people who live outside the law.
  24. Economically active population, it is constituted by the population that produces a general or own sponsorship.
  25. Student population.
  26. Feline population.
  27. Female population.
  28. Inactive population.
  29. Children population.
  30. Blind population.
  31. Military population.
  32. Disabled population.
  33. Oceanic population.
  34. Police population.
  35. Prison population.
  36. Religious population.
  37. Deaf-mute population.
  38. Working population.

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