Phrasal Verbs Examples

Phrasal Verbs is defined as the verb that is composed in other words, it is the verb that is accompanied by a preposition or an adverb. These types of verbs cannot be explained word for word but all together.

The Phrasal Verbs are used from the basic courses since for many students are a bit complicated translation. But it’s really only a matter of time.

15 Phrasal Verbs Examples

  • Get on: ride / get on.
  • Drive off: go somewhere or by car.
  • Come back: go back somewhere.
  • Turn round: turn, change course.
  • Take off:  Off
  • Look out: be attentive, be attentive, be careful.
  • Break down: stop operating, stop working.
  • Get on: getting along with someone, wearing something, putting on.
  • Get by: get by.
  • Run away from: get away, run away, escape.
  • Keep up with: keep up with the rhythm.
  • Look up at: look at something.
  • Get in: Enter
  • Go out: make the effort to go out, that something turns off by itself.
  • Blow out: blow out candles, burst something, empty, explode.
  • Work out: doing physical exercises.
  • Work something out: think about a problem and get the answer, calculate.
  • Carry out: do something and finish it, fulfill a task.

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