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Mastering the English language has become essential for anyone who wants to be taken into account in high-level jobs or for those who for various reasons must travel to various countries in the world.

When a person wants to learn to speak English, it is normal for them to take courses or study the language major in English at university institutes.

In these study programs, which claim to be the best, they must offer certifications that can be legalized in several countries. Many are based on Cambrige programs, the levels of which are:

    • Elementary A2 : passed with the KET test.
    • Lower Intermediate B1 : passes with the PET exam.
    • Intermediate B2 : passed with the FIRTS exam.
    • Upper Intermediate C1 : Passed with the ADVANCED exam.

What is PET?

The PET is the first level b1 exam offered by the University of Cambridge.

How PET Exams Are Structured


  • Five mini texts that we must answer with the best of the 3 descriptions captured
  • You have to match what 5 people say with 8 short texts
  • Answer true or false about 20 questions
  • 5 reading comprehension questions, with a text of 4 options per question
  • A text with 10 spaces that must be filled in with one of the 4 words to choose


  • You have to fill in spaces in a text to rewrite 5 sentences that mean the same thing
  • Write a short text, 35 to 45 words
  • Write a long text of about 100 words


  • A 2-3 minute interview with the examiner on a variety of topics
  • A conversation with other participants for 2 to 3 minutes developing a topic proposed by the examiner
  • Description of photos for 3 minutes
  • Talk to other people about the photos seen before (3 minutes)


  • 7 short recordings: for each one, a drawing is chosen from the three they offer
  • An interview, you have to answer 6 questions choosing A, B or C
  • A monologue, we must fill in missing information in 6 spaces
  • An informal conversation, with 6 true or false questions

PET exam example

Preliminary English Test

Reading & Writing

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


Answer all the questions in Reading Parts 1 – 5 and Writing Parts 1 and 2.

Answer only one question from Writing Part 3.

You can change your answers at any time during the test.

The test clock will show you when there are 10 minutes and 5 minutes remaining.

For questions 1 – 5, read the text and choose the correct answer.

What should George do?

reserve the last concert ticket before anyone else does

tell Luke how many people are going to the concert

buy several concert tickets because many people want to go

Students wishing to keep books for the holiday should borrow them this week.

Students borrowing books now can only keep them for one week.

Students borrowing books now have to bring them back before the holiday.

Read the text below about walking tours in London. For questions 11 – 20, choose YES if the sentence is correct or NO if the sentence is not correct.

Historic Greenwich

2.00 pm Tower Hill Underground

“The walk begins with the best boat ride in London, five kilometers down the river from Tower Bridge to the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. From there you’ll walk through Greenwich Park past the Naval Museum and other historic buildings to the village itself. We’ll take you down narrow streets with busy antique shops and markets, back to the riverside where this walk ends.

The boat trip costs £ 3.50 on top of the normal price (see below) ”.

  • It is essential to book a place before you join a London Walk.



  • The guide can be recognized because of the papers he is carrying.
  • You can tour the Houses of Parliament for free following the 1000 Years of History walk.
  • There is an opportunity to go on a boat after visiting Camden Town.

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