Performance Evaluation Examples

Performance evaluation is defined as the systematic process of quantitative and qualitative estimation of the magnitude of effectiveness with which most people carry out their activities and the responsibility of the position they are exercising.

With performance evaluation it is easier to observe the degree of excellence and the contribution you have towards the company or workplace.

20 Performance Evaluation Examples

  1. It adapts easily to the work environment.
  2. The attitude they show is in accordance with their cultural, social and work values.
  3. You agree with both labor and personal standards.
  4. Master reading.
  5. By reading a document you know at once what it is.
  6. Master writing.
  7. When presenting results, he does so in writing.
  8. He knows how to support his co-workers through written texts.
  9. Express your ideas in a simple and clear way in writing.
  10. It is effective for mathematical applications.
  11. Easily perform mathematical operations.
  12. Quickly understand the reductions in space, size, color and order.
  13. Quickly locate any information.
  14. You always know where important information is stored.
  15. He takes advantage of the information around him to improve his work.
  16. You make good use of the information to do an excellent job.
  17. You develop good leadership, your ideas turn into ideas.
  18. Do activities that motivate your other classmates.
  19. He looks for a solution to his problems.
  20. Make decisions to organize activities logically in order to achieve your goals.
  21. He knows how to work as a team, since he maintains good relations with all the company’s staff.
  22. The activities that you are supposed to do are all done on time.
  23. He never goes above the orders of his superiors, he is consistent in doing his things.

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