What is packaging about?

Packaging from the strictest point of view, refers to the way in which a certain product is stored, assembled or packaged , in order to make it more attractive to the consumer when choosing between one product and another. According to market, marketing or marketing specialists , the main purpose of this model is to attract the attention of the customer and in this way get them to consume the product.

It is important to note that the presentation of any product is essential for its sale , so much so that in many cases the success or failure of a product may depend on it. Despite the multiple advertisements that can be made to a product, it will not go on sale until the consumer has it in their hands, verifies it and visualizes its exterior. It is through good packaging that the brand of a product can last in time and space; through its label, its presentation and its packaging.

Elements such as the presentation of the container, the ability to reuse and the attractiveness of its design , are elements of vital importance since this allows the container to be as valuable as the product it contains. In this sense, we also refer to the packaging production process, its design and evaluation.

Main objectives of packaging

  • Transport
  • Contain
  • To protect
  • Preserve
  • Report
  • Sell

Purpose of good packaging

  • Evoke emotions and experience through product packaging.
  • Determine the need for consumption.
  • Achieve the balance between design and graphics.
  • Achieve smart, convenient and interesting packaging.
  • Appeal to the senses in their entirety.
  • Contribute to development and the environment.
  • Achieve the attraction of all audiences, from children to seniors.
  • Reflect youthful and ergonomic aspects that express dynamism and youth.
  • Design packaging that adapts to the needs of each market niche.
  • Create easy-to-recognize designs.
  • That they evoke feelings from years past, so that adults can feel sympathy for them.
  • Limited editions
  • Seasonal designs that can be adapted to the time.

Packaging objectives

The main objective is to ensure that the product is delivered in the best way and in the best possible quality. This generates reliability between the product and the customer and allows the purchase of the product to be constant.

In combination with marketing, packaging can be managed in order to entice potential customers of the product . Presenting the product through good packaging is synonymous with sales and this is something that is applied more and more every day in most of the products on the market.

Types of packaging

  • Primary : it is in charge of wrapping and holding the product, that is, it is the one who has the first contact with the product.
  • Secondary : it is in charge of wrapping the primary packaging. It is used for example in the grouping of several units.
  • Tertiary : when we talk about this type, we refer to mass purchases. In other words, this packaging takes care of the process of storing boxes and transporting them.

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