Organizational culture

What is the organizational culture?

Organizational culture refers to the essence of a company , that is, it has to do with its beliefs, culture, habits, traditions, experience and attitudes. The way to express organizational culture is through strategy, systems and structure.

It is then a set of standardized elements that are institutionalized and become habituated within it, making the company for it. Its purpose is based on the identification and control of the form of interpersonal relationship.

The initiation of the organizational culture goes prior to the individual, that is, the bases are formed mainly to adapt it to the employees later. In this sense, it is established as the psychology and the human nucleus of the company that arises as a result of the behavior presented by its employees.


  • As a first element, we must indicate the type of company that is being talked about and that characterizes it, its mission, vision, values and what are the goals that it has outlined.
  • There must be a monitoring process that controls what happens within the institution with employees.
  • Hierarchical structure . Through this means it is determined who are authorized to make decisions and represent the company in certain decisions.
  • Distinctive company logos and designs .
  • Routines of meetings, business groups , meetings and reports that can be presented formally or informally.
  • History of the company , its emergence, organization, evolution, growth as well as the impact it generates in the current market.


An organizational culture has certain elements that characterize it and thus allows it to create a positive impact both internally and externally. Some of the main features are:

  • Ability to make decisions on the part of employees. This allows employees to make decisions about the company with a specific risk limit.
  • Capacity of employees and members of the company to be proactive and constructive within it.
  • Identification of both employees with the company and with clients that facilitates the development and growth of the company’s image .
  • The Cultural multiplication interpersonal within the institution, which allows employees to be part of it.
  • It has an effective communication medium that allows information to flow regarding complaints, contributions, suggestions, among others.
  • It has control in the organizational and labor process that allows optimal supervision.
  • Workers should always be encouraged, so this point is one of the essential characteristics.

Types of organizational culture

Strong character

The cultural values ​​of this type of company are generally firm, real or tangible, that is, appreciable by both employees and customers.

Weak in character

This type of company does not have a cultural identification or stable values, that is, both its principles and its mission and vision are unfocused and it is generally due to multiple factors such as lack of organization, professional incentive, limitation of employee autonomy, among others.

Examples of organizational cultures

  • Disney : creating happiness for families
  • Ikea : making the daily routine of each of the people easier and more bearable
  • Patagonia : is based on the manufacture or elaboration of products that do not harm the environment through sustainability and the circular economy.
  • L. Gore are based on the empowerment of the working class allowing them to participate in the decision making of the company.
  • Southwest Airlines : focuses on the recruitment of personnel who have high values, a willingness to serve and an optimistic approach as their insignia, taking it beyond their studies or technical knowledge.
  • Apple : is based on the development of high-end products without limitation of resources.
  • Pixar : helps develop and promote the creativity that characterizes the company, through teamwork and appropriate spaces for the development of innovative and creative ideas.
  • Google : it is based on the constant updating of its platform that provides increasing access to its users, thus maintaining its leadership as the largest search engine on the web. The constant support it provides to its employees and the motivation to encourage their creativity is what has made this company what it is today.
  • Huawey : providing the highest technology at a lower cost. This allows this company to be one of the biggest competitors in the market.
  • Samsung : Bringing technology into the home and making it more accessible to its users in order to improve their lives.

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