10 order examples

An order or a letter of request are all the formal advance requests that a business, company, company, etc., makes to request resources. These are characterized by presenting the required inputs in detail.

Order Examples

Below, we will provide you with a list of the best order examples so that you can learn how to do them correctly:

  1. Food supply order letter for a restaurant

By means of this letter, the request for the supplies that are detailed below is sent to you:

  • 100 Kilograms of rice.
  • 10 Kilograms of cinnamon.
  • 50 Kilograms of salt.
  • 50 Kilograms of sugar.
  • 20 kilograms of pepper
  • 10 Kilograms of basil.
  • 10 Kilograms of rosemary.
  • 100 Kilograms of Beef.
  • 100 Kilograms of Chicken.

The delivery of the order is expected in the course of tomorrow as has always been done to our restaurant located on the central street. Las delicias restaurant.

Payment will be made as always, through cash payment upon receipt of the merchandise.

  1. Flower order letter for a florist

Mrs. Pérez.

Through this letter I make the following request for flowers.

  • 100 yellow roses.
  • 100 white roses.
  • 100 red roses.
  • 100 orange roses.
  • 100 pink roses.
  • 200 sunflowers.
  • 150 tulips.
  • 200 gardenias.
  • 250 violets.
  • 300 orchids.
  • 80 daffodils.

I always wait as punctual as possible for the merchandise in my business, Floristería Sapitos Located in El Valle.

  1. Cosmetics order letter

Good morning, Mrs. Guzmán.

Through this letter I request the order of the following cosmetics:

  • 20 boxes of red, pink, magenta and purple lipsticks.
  • 100 boxes of eyeshadow.
  • 40 boxes of eyelash curlers.
  • 30 makeup brush kits.
  • 20 boxes of eyeliners.
  • 40 boxes of eyebrow shadows.

I expect its delivery in the stipulated time of 5 business days to my Perfectionism business located on the main avenue.

Payment will be made by check.

  1. Footwear order letter

Through this letter I send the merchandise order:

  • 20 pairs of heels in gold, black, yellow and white sizes 34-42.
  • 10 pairs of military boots sizes 34-39.
  • 100 pairs of tennis shoes in red, white, black and pink sizes 27-42.
  • 30 pairs of women’s leather boots sizes 34-38.
  • 200 pairs of sandals sizes 25-42.

The order is expected to arrive in the course of this week, at my comfortable feet shoe store, located on Calle Narciso local 11. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

  1. Nail Polish Order Letter

Through this letter of request I send my request for merchandise.

  • 40 boxes of red nail polish number 13, 15, 20 and 56.
  • 50 boxes of yellow nail polish number 1, 5, 6, and 9.
  • 30 boxes of black nail polish number 3.
  • 20 boxes of white nail polish number 30 and 34.

The order is expected to be delivered within 15 business days. Payment will be made in cash.

  1. School Supplies Order Letter

Mr. Pacheco.

By means of this letter I send you the order of merchandise.

  • 15 boxes of drawing pencils.
  • 100 packs of large and medium size brushes.
  • 40 boxes of black and blue pencils.
  • 400 boxes of crayons of 12 units.
  • 300 boxes of calligraphic and squared notebooks.

We hope that the delivery will be made on time on the stipulated date to my branch located in calle ribas. Payment was made by bank transfer.

  1. Ladies Clothing Store Order Letter

Good afternoon Mr. Rojas.

Through this letter I send you my merchandise order.

  • 30 green, red, yellow and white flannels.
  • 20 white, navy blue and black pants.
  • 40 dresses in red, black and yellow.

Thank you for your collaboration, I look forward to the delivery in the next 7 days to my store located on López avenue. Payment will be made by check.

  1. Bag order letter

Through this letter I make an order request for the following merchandise.

  • 10 Black and white synthetic leather bags.
  • 12 large green backpacks.
  • 20 small yellow synthetic leather bags.

I wait for the delivery of my order to my place in Av. Principal. Payment will be discussed when delivery is made.

  1. Order letter for appliance store

By means of the present request request is made.

  • 10 refrigerators.
  • 20 microwave.
  • 30 electric cookers.

The order is expected to be delivered to Av. Sucre local 123. Within 10 business days as agreed, the payment has already been made.

  1. Toy Store Order Letter

Mr. Pereira through this letter I present my order for merchandise.

  • 10 boxes of dolls.
  • 20 cart boxes.
  • 40 teddy bears.
  • 20 trains.
  • 20 Doll houses.

I expect the arrival of the order in the next month at my store on Bolívar street. Payment will be made in cash.

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