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Nursing Examples

The nursing is one of the areas of health with much importance, which means qualified to perform certain tasks, such as personal care to a person or more, with the sole aim of offering help to some extent of reach staff. It is a very complex subject and one that usually and from which we would take many lines to describe it, for that reason, we will give you some examples of nursing so that you have a clearer idea about the subject.

Examples and types of nursing

A person trained in the nursing area has the task of performing multiple tasks, all of them related to the health and well-being of a sick patient, however, it is not as important as the responsibilities of a doctor, but it is still so important. Next, we will give you some examples:

Pediatric nursing : they are those people who are in charge of the care and attention of children and young people under 16 years of age, where they apply all their knowledge to take care of the diseases that children usually suffer from.

Geriatric nursing : they are the people who respond, according to their professional training, to the task of helping and caring for the elderly, whether in terms of their needs or their disabilities.

Family and community nursing : it is one of the branch of nursing that aims to ensure public health, of a community and a family.

Mental health nursing : it is also known as psychiatric nursing, it is a branch of nursing that aims to help people who suffer from mental problems regardless of age.

Other types of nursing

Occupational nursing : here the nurses have to respond to the care of the staff of a workplace, whether in mental or physical care.

Obstetric and gynecological nursing : these are those people whose objective is to ensure the care of a pregnant woman.

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