Notice Letter Examples

A letter of warning is that the law requires the employer to send the employee to inform him that he is going to dismiss
Marissa Elizabeth Cárdenas Cárdena

We allow you to communicate that your functions in our company will cease on March 03, 2011, and that your salaries will be canceled until March 03, 2011, the termination date of your employment contract, due to article 161, First Clause of the Labor Code, that is:
“Needs of the company derived from the drop in productivity and change in market conditions.”
The following amounts will be canceled in this settlement:

Compensation for years of service (0 years) $ 0

Proportional Holiday $ 0

The aforementioned amounts are subject to discounts for commitments acquired by you with the Compensation Fund, for Company Loans and / or for other legal discounts.

For any purposes, in accordance with the law, we let you know that your social security and health contributions They have been declared and canceled, being, therefore, up to date.

Greet you, thanking you for your collaboration,

Cultivos Azules SA99.590.380-6 Acknowledgment Receipt:

Signature: ___________________ Ruth: 17.940.276-9

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