NGO examples

NGO is the acronym for Non-Governmental Organization , and refers to those institutions that have nothing to do with the government of the country where they are based, and many of them do not focus their activities on profit either.

Most NGOs have a social and humanitarian concept , which highlights the need to promote values ​​such as solidarity . These organizations are present in areas such as education , health , ecology, protectionism, social entrepreneurship and more, whose investment for their activities is the product of donations or collection of money through various events.

An NGO requires almost the same resources and trained personnel, as a commercial company, only in this case in many of the NGOs the members will not earn a salary, they are volunteers . However, in others there are staff who earn a significant salary by dedicating a lot of time to the entity. Likewise, part of the money collected must be used to keep the facilities active or renew necessary equipment.

20 NGO examples

  • Red Cross . One of the best known worldwide for having an international scope and for being one of the oldest: it was created in 1863. This NGO has a presence in most countries, and if not, it goes anywhere to provide medical help .
  • Greenpeace . Another of the best known, which has a presence in 55 countries and some 3 million members worldwide. Its activities are related to caring for the environment.
  • BRAC. Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, is an organization with multiple activities where they develop preventive health and agricultural campaigns, also giving many credits to small producers.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation . It is based on the motivation to know. It has more than 100,000 volunteers serving on Wikipedia and distance education programs.
  • Danish Refugee Council . It is 50 years old and helps people affected by wars, it also contributes in the reconstruction of buildings and other destroyed structures. It was originally created to mitigate the consequences of the Second World War.
  • Acumen Fund . Productive people from third world countries can find in this NGO the help they need to find employment in other countries or at the local level, especially if they are social enterprises.
  • Mercy Corps . Whether due to war or natural disasters, Mercy Corps will provide the necessary assistance to safeguard the integrity and dignity of those affected, helping them find employment, among other assistance.
  • Ceres. Like Greenpeace, this NGO helps maintain a pollution-free environment . Through its campaigns, it has managed to raise awareness among people and companies.
  • Rainbow Foundation . Based in Mexico, it helps people of different sex to overcome the attacks of discrimination so that they can integrate into society, as well as promote the free inclusion of these people in the labor, educational and other markets.
  • Cure Violence . Based in the United States, she is in charge of reducing the fights in the streets of Chicago, where many innocents fall at the hands of armed gangs. In ten years (2000-2010) it managed to reduce violent deaths in that city by 30%.
  • CARE International . He is also dedicated to helping before, during and after wars. It has members in 84 countries, who develop plans in places at risk of war to help people exit before conflict or recover afterward.
  • Partners in Health . Provides medical care to poor people with a serious illness. It ensures average and health care and promotes the education of these people.
  • Médecins Sans Frontières . Their activities range from providing medical assistance to defending the human rights of those most vulnerable to losing them. It started in Switzerland, but has already managed to erase its limits by spreading to other countries.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . The Gates family comes together to create this NGO dedicated to eradicating global poverty, healthcare, and increasing education in America.
  • World Vision . Since 2007, it has raised millions of dollars to help feed thousands of low-income and emergency Americans. It is a Christian organization that delivers tons of food every year.
  • Doctors Without Borders . It was created in Geneva to provide resources and assistance to people in risk situations in the health and healthcare area.
  • Oxfam International . It helps reduce poverty and also the external debt of more than 100 countries. It also runs campaigns to help cities that were destroyed by the onslaught of nature.
  • AWID. It means Association for Women’s Rights. It develops campaigns to educate and inform the entire community about the values ​​and rights of women in order to support gender equality.
  • CEJIL. Center for Justice and International Law. It watches over the fulfillment of human rights in America through the OAS (Organization of American States).
  • WLP or Women’s Learning Partnership . When it comes to empowering women, this organization has a lot to contribute. She has made contributions with more than 18 organizations to create leaders who enact gender equality.

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