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NETV Gold APK V5 Download for Android Latest Version 2022 Indir

NETV Gold v5 Apk

NETV Gold v5 Apk is a popular app in the Android market. It is a great video player and TV show player. It has a nice interface making the experience great for its users. The application is able to play videos in both high definition and standard definition.

It has many features including the ability to play in the background and the ability to choose from numerous settings including the ability to change the size of the video.

Today another entertainment application developed, especially for mobile users returns. By installing NETV Gold v5 APK, mobile users can stream IPTV channels live. Includes movies, web series, and sporting events in offline mode.

The main purpose of developing this application was to provide an alternative forum. A place where mobile users can easily stream video both online and offline. Looking at the available data, most mobile users will not be able to watch the video due to the slow internet speed.

NETV Gold v5 app screenshots

Even if you check the available data, most people in the world don’t have access to a high-speed Internet connection. The developers have configured this new application taking into account the problems and requirements of the users.

To make it more efficient, the developers have integrated a premium high-speed server. Contains advanced settings to facilitate sending data packets over slow Internet connections. In addition, the advanced servers automatically adjust the image quality.

Therefore, viewers do not experience this lag problem when viewing the content. For simplicity, the developers have added various categories to the app. Each category reflects only niche content such as movies and web series.

The one thing we forgot to mention was third-party advertising. Yes, the APK fully supports third-party ads and will show up when streaming video. please don’t worry. Ads are not displayed frequently on the screen.

So, so far, no website claims to offer a modified version of the application. And make sure you provide the modified version first. If you are impressed with the APK and have been looking for such an app for a long time. Next, we recommend that viewers install the APK from here.

NETV Gold v5 Apk

NeTV Gold APK Additional Information

  • Name: NeTV Gold
  • Category: Sports,
  • Latest Version: v9.8
  • Package Name: netv.goldv5gold
  • Updated on: October 17, 2021
  • Requirements: Android 4.4+
  • Developed By: NETVGOLD
  • File Size: 9.26 MB

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What is NETV Gold v5 Apk?

Netv Gold V5 APK is an android entertainment application that offers users a huge collection of entertainment. This app is specially designed for Turkish. That is, it only supports Turkish. Therefore, it can be difficult to access if it is not related to this language.

Now let’s start with the interface of this application. It provides a dark interface that looks more attractive and beautiful. The interface is simple and straightforward. It provides all categories on the screen and users can select them to get entertainment.

The categories are well defined and live TV channels are starting to form. All types of TV channels are available in this section, including news channels, entertainment channels, sports channels, weather forecasts, and more. Just tap on your favorite TV channel to start streaming.

When users find the application, they will find different categories related to online entertainment. The APK has been specially developed for Turkish mobile users who cannot purchase premium subscriptions. To view premium content due to lack of resources.

Also, you can see that the fees that viewers have to pay regularly when installing premium apps like Netflix and Amazon are increasing this way. Therefore, it is very difficult for the average user to pay hundreds of dollars on a regular basis.

The main categories are further divided into sub-categories. The main reason for creating these subsections was to organize the content in a geometric way. It makes it easy for viewers to find and watch videos related to their favorite categories.

The second section is about web series that provide all types of content. We offer several national web series, Netflix collections, mixed series, and more. There are many web series available, including paid series. But you can access them all for free.

A movie that people love to watch in their spare time. Therefore, there is a special section that provides a large collection of subsections. All of these subsections offer videos related to the subsections. There are various subsections such as scary, alien, horror, and more.

Do you like listening to music? Then there is a special category for all of you. And it provides a huge collection of music. It offers different musical genres from all parts of the world. It offers some of the best music collections that users can enjoy.

Adults can also access the Adults section. In that section, it offers some of the best adult and romantic collections. However, registration is required to access the adult ward. This is also an age check.

Key Features of the NETV Gold APK v5

When it comes to the functionality of the application. Therefore, it must be said that it is impossible to write each of the detailed alternatives here. However, when it comes to user help, here are some important points.

  • You can download the APK file for free with one click option.
  • You don’t need a subscription to watch videos or channels.
  • Experts have added sports in this category to account for user demand.
  • You can also watch adult content.
  • They entered this password to protect the developers.
  • A high-speed server is integrated for smooth transmission.
  • It supports third-party advertising.
  • Registration is not required.
  • The user interface of the APK is very simple.
  • Free download
  • It can be used freely
  • Wide range of entertainment
  • Insufficient Internet connection Streaming
  • high resolution
  • Multiple servers
  • Integrated video player
  • Much more

How to Download the App?

When it comes to downloads, Android users can trust our site. This is because we only share the original and original APK files. Upload the same file to different devices to make sure your users are enjoying the right product. After confirming that the provided APK works and that there is no malicious software present.

Then provide it in the user download section. Click the Provide Download Link button to download the latest version of the NeTV Gold application.


  • Download the APK file in advance to access exciting new features of the app.
  • You can access and download apps that are limited in your area.
  • You can use the APK file to get the latest updates from Google. It usually takes a long time to get there, but it’s easy to get it by downloading the APK.
  • If for some reason you are unable to access the Google Play Store, the APK file is the only option to install your favorite apps.
  • Downloading and installing the APK file will ensure that you receive the latest extensions before they are released.


  • At this point, you need to understand that the original APK editor did not create a modified version of the APK. To do this, most programmers (hackers) can easily get into malware.
  • The modified app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google warned you not to download apps from “unknown sources”.
  • Developers work hard with no results. They should benefit from the app because it is their only source of life and you can accept it too. (Don’t do this for the developers. The developers are working hard to develop these apps for you. Don’t be fooled)


Therefore, many websites claim to offer similar APK files for free. However, we recommend mobile users install the updated version of the NeTV APK from here. If you have any problems during use, please feel free to contact us. Watch movies, series, or TV channels for free with the NETV Gold APK.

You can play different games and access music. Everything you need is available in this application. So don’t forget to download it and share it with others.

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