Nationalities in English and Spanish

The nationality is also known as the gentilicio of a person, or where appropriate. These are adjectives derived from the proper name of the native country.

80 Examples of nationalities in English and Spanish

For general knowledge, the name of any country is written with a capital letter, while the name or nationality must be written with a lower case, if it is the Spanish language. But, if we use the English language, the nationality must be capitalized.

We will use this guide ordered by continent to illustrate what has been said. Read country in English, nationality in English, nationality in Spanish.

  • American continent
  1. Argentina, Argentine, Argentine.
  2. Belize, Belizean, Belizean.
  3. Brazil, Brazilian, Brazilian
  4. Canada, Canadian, Canadian.
  5. Colombia, Colombian, Colombian.
  6. Cuba, Cuban, Cuban.
  7. Chile, chilean, chilean.
  8. Dominican Republic, Dominican, Dominican.
  9. Ecuador, Ecuadorian, Ecuadorian.
  10. Guatemala, Guatemalan, Guatemalan.
  11. Greenlandian, Greenlandic.
  12. Honduras, Honduran, Honduran.
  13. Jamaica, Jamaican, Jamaican.
  14. Nicaragua, Nicaraguan, Nicaraguan.
  15. Peru, Peruvian, Peruvian.
  16. Uruguay, Uruguayan, Uruguayan.
  17. Venezuela, Venezuelan, Venezuelan.
  • African continent
  1. Angola, Angolan, Angolan.
  2. Lesotho, Mosotho, Lesotho.
  3. Botswana, Bostwanian, Botswana.
  4. Cameroon, Cameroonian, Cameroonian.
  5. Cape Verde, Cape Verdean, Cape Verdean.
  6. Congo, Congolese, Congolese.
  7. Egypt, Egyptian, Egyptian
  8. Ethiopia, Ethiopian, Ethiopian.
  9. Lebanon, Lebanese, Lebanese.
  10. Libya, Lybian, Libyan.
  11. Madagascar, Magadascan, Malagasy
  12. Mali, Malian, Mali
  13. Marrocco, Moroccan, Moroccan
  14. Mozambique, Mozambican, Mozambican
  15. Niger, Nigerian, Nigerian.
  16. Rwanda, Rwandan, Rwandan.
  17. Sierra Leone, Sierra Leonean, Sierra Leonean
  18. South Africa, South African, South African
  19. Tanzania, Tanzanian, Tanzanian
  20. Zambia, Zambian, Zambian
  • Asian continent
  1. Afganistan, afghani, afghan
  2. Bahrain, Bahraini, Bahrain
  3. India, Indian, Indian
  4. Japan, Japanese, Japanese
  5. Malaysia, Malayan, Malay
  6. North Korea, North Korean, North Korean
  7. Pakistan, Pakistani, Pakistani
  8. Qatar, Qatari, Qatari
  9. Singapore, Singaporean, Singaporean
  10. Sri Lanka, Sri Lakan, Sri Lankan
  11. Vietnam, Vietnamese, Vietnamese
  12. Yemen, Yemeni, Yemeni
  13. Uzbekistan, Usbek, Uzbek
  • European Continent
  1. Austria, Austrian, Austrian.
  2. Belarus, Belarusian, Belarusian.
  3. Bulgaria, Bulgarian, Bulgarian.
  4. Croatia, Croatian, Croatian.
  5. Cyprus, Cypriot, Cypriot.
  6. Denmark, Danish, Danish.
  7. Estonia, Estonian, Estonian.
  8. Finland, Finnish, Finnish.
  9. France, French, French.
  10. Germany, German, German.
  11. Greece, Greek, Greek.
  12. Iceland, icelandic, icelandic.
  13. Italy, Italian, Italian.
  14. Lithania, Lithuanian, Lithuanian.
  15. Malta, Maltese, Maltese.
  16. Monaco, Monacan, monastic.
  17. Poland, Polish, Polish.
  18. Romania, Romanian, Romanian.
  19. Russia, Russian, Russian.
  20. Slovenia, Slovene, Slovenian.
  21. Spain, Spanish, español.
  22. Switzerland, Swiss, Swiss.
  23. Ukraine, Ukrainian, Ukrainian.
  • Oceanic continent
  1. Australia, Australian, Australian.
  2. Republic of Fiji, Fijian, Fijian.
  3. Republic of Kiribati, Kiribati person, Kiribati.
  4. Republic of Nauru, Nauruan, Nauruan.
  5. New Zealand, New Zealander, New Zealander.
  6. Solomon Islands, Solomon Islander, Solomon.
  7. Vanautu, Vanautu, vanuatense.

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