Migration Examples

The  migration is to settle in another country in order to make life there indefinitely. It is a term that is applied both to human beings and to some animals that travel to other latitudes in search of food and a good environment to live in.

There may be cases in which the population displacement is massive, that is, many people move to another place by land and at the same time, perhaps fleeing some adverse situation in their community of origin, as has already happened in some countries in Africa and Central America.

Migration Examples

  1. Migration by instinct:  This is considered as the movement that animals make constantly. A clear example can be monarch birds or butterflies that move every certain season.
  2. Climatic migration : It also occurs in animals and is due to the need to acclimate to their environment. Birds are a clear example of climatic migration, this is for biological reasons.
  3. Migration by feeding:  Another type of migration that is very recurrent in animals. Elephants or lions usually perform it in order to satisfy their nutritional needs.
  4. Human migration:  There are many reasons why a human being may decide to migrate from one place to another. This can be on the one hand in a biological way, since it has needs that it must cover. It can also be for economic and political reasons.
  5. Migrations  due to war: It has been one of the most emblematic types of migrations since the First World War.

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