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Meeting Minutes Examples

What is it?
Is known Minutes of meeting that document where different details are collected from a certain meeting such as attendees, the issues discussed or resolutions have decided to take, if you have decided to take some. Example Logo of the organization Minutes of meeting MEETING DATA Date: 02/17/2017 Place: Zumaia Title: – Time: 9:00 Moderator: María Ostolaza Objective: Find a way out of the computer problems caused by a hacker attack In the past week. PARTICIPANTS Name and surname: Andres Ruipérez.

Position: Systems Manager
Reference: JP

Name and surname: Genaro Martinez
Position: Chief of Information Security
Reference: Absent with notice

Name and surname: María Ostolaza
Position: Computer Security Specialist
Reference: MR

Name and surname: Carmen Vallespin
Position: Specialist in IT security
Reference: PR

Topic: Analysis of the current IT security
situation Situation / Steps to follow: It is observed that there has been a leak in the data of (a) company activity and (b) financial
Responsible parties: –
Date: –

Topic: Analysis of possible solutions for failure
Situation / Steps to follow: It was decided to buy the security patch “XX” to solve both leaks
Responsible: PR
Date: 02/18/2017

Until the problem is solved, proceeds to isolate the affected systems


Next meeting : 02/21/2017

María Ostolaza
Head of IT Security
Cinematographic productions 1947

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