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Manga and anime shōnen examples

Within the Japanese comic and animation, manga and anime , there are different genres. One of them is the sh & # 333; nen. The series, movies, series or comics that fall into this category are usually aimed at young people. They usually contain a lot of action and, to a lesser extent, comedy and love. Values ​​such as friendship and the will not to give up are realized in them.

Here you can find some examples of series, movies and comics sh & # 333; nen:

Manga with anime adaptation. It also has two films, the first of which is a summary of one of the story arcs and the second a totally new adventure. Gintama takes place in a Japan conquered by aliens. Specifically in a Tokyo half of the feudal era, half of our time. The protagonists are Gintoki, Sinpachi and Kagura, who work in Yorozuya: a company that accepts any commission that is made. Mix rich comedy with more serious moments. Hideaki Sarachi.

Franchise born in the manga , adapted to the animeand with several movies. It is carried out by the ninja Naruto, who is disowned by the entire village in which he lives, Konoha, for having a demon locked inside him. His dream is to become the Hokage, leader of Konoha. To reach that position, he must be recognized by all the villagers as the strongest ninja in Konoha. The series is predominantly action-packed, peppered with moments of comedy. Its creator is Mashashi Kishimoto.

Full Metal Alchemist
Born in the manga , has two anime adaptationsand a movie starring the Elric brothers, Alphonse and Edward. Both are two alchemists who, when trying to resurrect their mother, lose, the second an arm and a leg, later replaced by metal members, and the first the whole body, leaving only a soul that is still alive inside an armor. The story begins with the two brothers’ search for the philosopher’s stone, which they believe will give them back what they lost. Action series, seasoned with drama and comedy. Its creator is Hiromu Arawa.

There are more manga and anime sh & # 333; nen. Many of them surely known to many of you. In any case, if you are interested in the subject, here you have a small base to continue investigating.

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