Likert scale examples

Likert scale

It is a type of question that is responsible for offering a variety of answer options for respondents to choose from. Over the years these questions have evolved to become a favorite with pollsters.

A Likert question allows obtaining multiple opinions , impressions and accurate approaches from the respondents.

There are two types of this question: unipolar and bipolar . Those of the unipolar scale are based on the presence or absence of a single entity, this type of question is used to obtain more precise results for the questions asked.

The bipolar scale is based on the presence of two totally opposite and intermediate forms in terms of response options. That is, this scale, unlike the unipolar one, handles “two poles”.

Likert scale examples

1.    Likert scales to measure the level of satisfaction

It is one of the best examples of how to use the Likert scale when trying to understand a customer’s level of satisfaction. In general, a unipolar scale is used in this type of case.

It is important to get the knowledge about what your customers or employees think of your new product or the implementation of a new function of a product can be obtained by asking a question of this type.

2.    Likert scale to measure the degree of importance

When introducing a new feature or launching a new product to a highly competitive market. It is highly relevant to know what they think of this inclusion to know its success.

Before actually implementing this change, it is appropriate to conduct an online survey and avoid the expense of launching a product that is not what customers need.

3.    Likert scale to understand the frequency of occurrence

It is used to understand ups and downs in the frequency in which a particular service is required. For example, ask customers how often they would prefer to receive emails from your organization.

4.    Likert scale to see the degree of difficulty

This is one of those examples of Likert scales that can be used to understand how easy or difficult it was for your customers to implement variants in a product or changes directed at the employees of a company in the organization’s policies by framing whether they are easy or difficult to cope.

5.    Likert scale to observe level of disagreement

This type of survey is within the bipolar Likert scale, as examples we have that clients or employees are allowed on the same page as you when it comes to discussing important points to facilitate organizational processes. (This type of example is within the bipolar Likert scale.)

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