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What is a life plan about?

A life plan refers to the characteristics and elements that are needed to be able to carry out an action , to be able to execute the planning and thus achieve the proposed goal . A life plan is responsible for precisely executing that, the goals that are proposed throughout life and can be personal, professional, economic, spiritual, among others.

A life plan includes short-term and medium-term objectives , but especially long-term since the main objective is to visualize the execution of the goal in a long time, it can be 10, 15, 20 years or more. But in order to reach the great goal, it is essential to have small goals that achieve the greater goal step by step.

It is important to note that every life plan, like any plan, must be evaluated and studied periodically , so that the person who carries it out verifies its evolution, both positive and negative aspects, as well as what it is not working within it so that it can be modified and adapted to new needs within a certain period of time.

Points of a life plan

A life plan can be carried out for many reasons, either because you want to obtain a university degree, because you want to get a house for the family, to be able to have a quiet old age , among many other things.

Many specialists have determined a life plan very similar to a business plan , since the impulse and incentive will always be present while as you progress, certain needs or demands of a personal nature can be met.


Food is one of the essential elements for any life plan, since if your goal is to reach as many years as possible, to achieve this, you must maintain a balanced and healthy diet, which allows you to meet the goal set.

In this sense, and putting vegan people as an example , a nutritional life plan is essential to sustain their belief and be at peace with what surrounds them. A vegan person will always look for a way to eat in the healthiest way possible, without the need to attack or mistreat an animal or species.

They decide to live in harmony with the rest of the species on the planet, respecting all kinds of animal life.


Another relevant aspect to take into account is the profession or vocation that a person decides to have , which will identify him for the rest of his life, or at least part of it. When you choose a profession, you choose the way in which you are going to generate income from then on, that is why this element is of the utmost importance when structuring a life plan.

The profession frames two fundamental aspects, one is the development that is achieved as a person and the pursuit of happiness and the other is about the ambitions that one has from the economic point of view.

Examples of a life plan

  1. Define as accurately as possible who I am and what I am doing. Where I am located.
  2. Explanation of experiences.
  3. Visualization of what you want to be in life.
  4. Set goals to be able to reach the objective.
  5. Schedule schedules for the execution of the life plan.
  6. Know what you want, to be able to execute, and based on that create what you want.

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