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Life History Examples

Definition of life history

Life history is defined as the story that a person can write about what they have experienced during their years. Although it may not be possible to write as it has been since there are some events that are forgotten or simply impossible to remember. But the life story of a human being, even if it begins from birth, the person can only tell it from where he begins to be aware of his actions.

In this sense, we must point out that a life story is an experience that a person has experienced and that subsequently relates in order to achieve motivation or incentivize others to improve their lifestyle, achieve the goals that have been set or execute. a certain plan that has time planned and has not been implemented. Generally, a life story tends to motivate other people, as it makes them think: “If that person could achieve it with the same or less than what I have, then I can do it too.”

Characteristic elements

At the time of writing a life story, it should be taken into account mainly those relevant aspects that played a fundamental role in personal development or evolution. Another element that should be noted were the people who were a fundamental part during the evolutionary process, that is, those who in one way or another accompanied you and were by your side through thick and thin.

You should also highlight those people without whom you would not have been able to get to where you are and inspire others, regardless of whether they acted for good or bad, because without those people or experiences you would not have reached the goal. It is important to point out in a timed way and as accurately as possible, the events and events that occurred, in order to know where to start writing.

Life History Examples
  1. Pedro Campos was born on May 2, 1968 in the city of cordiality, San Fernando. I have three brothers, I was the third, I grew up next to my parents and brothers. My childhood was very beautiful since I enjoyed it a lot and because I was the smallest my parents and brothers gave me all their love. I started studying when I was 6 years old and by 15 I had already finished my baccalaureate. My dream was to become a pilot, but as I was low-income, I couldn’t achieve it. My parents paid me to study agronomy, which I do today, and thanks to my knowledge, the farm where I grew up gives good harvests. Currently I am 35 years old and I live with my parents, my brothers married and live in the city, each one practices his profession one is a lawyerand the other owns a food store for animal use. Every time there are large crops on the farm they come to work to help bring it to town. Throughout my years I have been very happy, it has not gone well in love since my first love left me and married another man since then I dedicate myself to my work to be happy to my parents who deserve it everything.
  2. Juana Pérez had a very sad childhood since her mother died when she was 4 years old and was raised by an aunt who mistreated her and treated her as her service. In this way, she grew up until she could make the decision to leave her aunt’s house, she met Maribel, a girl who despite being the daughter of wealthy parents was very simple, she gave help to Juana, who changed her story when she started To live in the house of Maribel’s parents, they gave her studies and treated her like another daughter next to them, she got a medical degree and became a great doctor. Juana has a lot of money and she owns a home where they receive help and a lot of love.
  3. Ray Charles was totally blind at the young age of 7, and, to top it all, his mother passed away at 15. This caused him to fall into a very delicate state of depression. It even led him to think that he was crazy, but upon overcoming it, he understood that from then on he could overcome any obstacle. His blindness was the cause of his appearance in music. He studied in an institution for the blind and deaf and was thus able to master the saxophone and the piano. His mother advised him before she died: “Don’t ask for charity, be self-sufficient”, and little Charlie made a living playing in various clubs. At the age of 17 he managed to record his first songs that would later make him a historical figure of jazz, soul and R&B. He won 12 Grammy Awards and in 2004 a movie of his life was released, starring Jamie Foxx.
  4. Malala the survivor: she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. At the age of 17, she was the victim of a strong terrorist attack and managed to survive after several surgeries in which her life was in danger. At present he fights for human rights , is dedicated to promoting equality and trying to solve the problems of his country of origin, Pakistan. He is featured on various television shows and has a blog that is known worldwide. The bullets that wounded her completely changed her life, but did not stop her determination to fight for girls in Pakistan to have access to education.
  5. Oliver Hellowell is a young man who, at 18 years of age, has a dream of becoming a professional photographer. His photographs inspired by nature are known worldwide and he has thousands of followers on Facebook. At birth he was diagnosed with Down syndrome and had learning difficulties at school, but he has become an athlete who has found in photography a unique form of expression. He has managed to make his photographs reflect his sensitivity and his love for nature. Oliver has become a perfect example that whatever you set your mind to is possible.
  6. Charles Chaplin was the creator of one of the most iconic, beloved and cuddly characters. This I use in order to make a critique of capitalism and the dehumanization that lived and is living today. In the beginning it was rejected by the top executives of the cinema, since they thought that it would not be of interest to the audience. His most recognized films were: modern times, city lights, the gold rush and the great dictator. Chaplin ended up becoming one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.
  7. Lizzie , the most feisty woman in the world. He was born with various rare diseases. This caused his face and body to look more and more deteriorated. The problem started when I went to YouTube and looked for the “ugliest woman in the world”. He was very surprised to see his photo on a web page. Despite this, he decided to change his life and move on. At present, his motivational talks are an ode to effort and living despite the adversities you have gone through. Today she has a YouTube channel where you can learn more about Lizzie’s experiences and learn about her day-to-day life.
  8. Bethany Hamilton is regarded as a fearless surfer. This southern fan has always liked to frequent the beaches of Hawaii, until one day, at the young age of 13, a tiger shark tore his left arm completely off the coast of Kauai. However, this was not an impediment for him to continue surfing, today he is 25 years old, and he continues to defy his fear to achieve his dream and is one of the best surfers in the world.
  9. Soichiro Honda decided to look for a job at Toyota and thus fill a free vacancy. For the executives of this company, his profile was not very good and they decided that Soichiro was not the right one for the position. Over time, he started a company that competed with Toyota, to which he gave his last name.
  10. Kelvin Doe , known as the Sierra Leone engineer. This young man, born in Sierra Leone, lived in a place with few opportunities. His future was already planned and it could have been to become one of the famous child soldiers who give a lot to talk about. His story begins with the dream of having his own radio. For this, the young man began to study engineering on his own in 2010. In 2012, Kelvin had already managed to appear on large television networks such as BBC and CNN, as well as becoming the youngest guest to enter the visitor program of the institute of technology of Massachusetts.
  11. Mark Ellis is a young man of British origin who suffered a stroke that left him unable to speak. This disease is called “the locked-in syndrome.” It is a complicated and dangerous process of recovery (in the first months of the disease the chances of dying were very high), the figure of his sister, Lola Rose, was completely transcendental. In large part, and thanks to the presence of Rose, Mark was able to cope with his illness even being able to communicate with his loved ones. This is a clear example that love is a very effective treatment in this type of disease.
  12. Im Dong-Hyun , the champion of the bow with myopia. He is a 30-year-old North Korean athlete, who was detected a myopia that was increasing very quickly. Being a teenager, Im already completely blind. However, his dream of practicing archery never became impossible for him, getting to participate in the London Olympics. He never liked being considered handicapped and he proved it. At present, he has established a world record of 72 arrows corresponding to 699 points in the individual modality and 216 arrows 2087 points per team in the company of 2 other compatriots.

These stories show us that the importance of not letting circumstances control you , you are the sole owner and responsible for your actions, therefore, we must manage circumstances. Of all the things that happen you can get something positive, you just need willpower and of course a lot of desire.

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