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The  knowledge is one of the things that all human beings can get based on experience or also by other means for learning new things. Thanks to  psychology it has been possible to determine that we find different types of knowledge that are attached to each person. That is why this time, we want to talk to you in depth about the subject with these  examples of knowledge and you become familiar with the subject. 

Types of knowledge

It must be remembered that the main function of knowledge is to be able to learn new things, all based on being able to improve in different aspects of life. This is what makes there are several types of knowledge that you can try and apply.

  • Scientific knowledge  Based on observation and study, this type of knowledge helps us to see things clearly and logically. It focuses on creating hypotheses , conceptualizing and analyzing different topics. A clear example can be ” the belief of a religion”, “analysis of a society”.
  • Religious knowledge  It focuses on the group of doctrines that are ordered depending on the religion you have. This will govern your conduct. A clear example can be the study of the Bible.
  • Empirical knowledge  Basically they are the data that are obtained based on the observation and constant practice of something. A clear example can be  learning to read, write or walk.
  • Intuitive Knowledge  This is the information that focuses on the reaction that is understood from a social point, environment or event. An example of intuitive knowledge can be feeling cold, hot, thirsty or hungry.
  • Philosophical knowledge: It is the knowledge that focuses on the study, analysis and reasoning of documents, books, among others where you can put any of these teachings into practice. An example could be comparing the point of view of one or more people until you reach the conclusion that you think is correct.

Knowledge examples

Examples of Intuitive Knowledge: 

  1. Know when a person is happy.
  2. Know when a person feels homesick.
  3. Know when a person experiences any of the different moods.
  4. Detect the seasons of the year.

Examples of Religious Knowledge:

  1. Know about Adam and Eve.
  2. Religiously, Jesus Christ is a being who was sent by the holy spirit to earth to save us from our sins. Some facts about him are known
  3. According to the bible, God created the universe in 7 days.
  4. The rituals that occur in various cultures and religions.

Examples of empirical knowledge:

  1. Learn to write.
  2. A person who has mastered a language before has been in charge of practicing and / or studying it.
  3. Recognize the color of things.
  4. Relate objects to subjects or people.
  5. Learn to walk or bike, swim, cook, etc.

Examples of Philosophical Knowledge:

  1. When we write an essay.
  2. By thinking and questioning the why of things.
  3. Composers who write songs.

Examples of Scientific Knowledge:

  1. Observe and detail some fact for later analysis.
  2. Put that theory to the test and check the results.
  3. The earth revolves around the sun.
  4. Antibiotics only attack bacterial diseases.

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