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A job cover letter is a short and concise introduction to your resume and skills. Its structure or main objective is to make known to the company or manager what your potentialities are, explain why you have the requirements for the position and above all, make known the skills that make you stand above other applicants.

One of the big mistakes that is made when making a job cover letter is saturation and excess content , which in most cases is: “I have, I can, I did”, this must be avoid it at all costs, being as precise as possible.

Structure of a job cover letter

  • Header : Indicates the city, the date, the name of the person or the board of directors to which it is addressed.
  • Presentation : It is a fairly brief explanation of who you are, your ambitions, projects and professional objective.
  • Content : Brief explanation of why you are the ideal person for the position, it is also recommended to cite the personal skills that can add value to the job you want to apply for.
  • Farewell : Be as cordial as possible, in addition to requesting a personal interview. You must put your full name, data and do not forget to place the means to be able to contact you, in addition to signing.
  • Personal data: Name, surname, Identity card or DNI, cell and room number, in addition to your personal email.

10 job cover letter examples

Next, we will leave you 10 examples to get an idea of ​​how to write a job cover letter.

  • Example 1. Human Resources Directive

I have decided to contact you, in reference to the job application published by your entity on the web, on September 20, 2018, where you were requesting a Promoter in Social Development, that is why I attach my resume here.

  • Example 2. Once you have written your reason and the means by which you found out about the request, you can add the following

I am very interested in belonging to your entity / company or company, I have experience in coordinating volunteer projects, social development and some knowledge in administration, in addition to having sufficient work experience.

  • Example 3. You can also add

I am motivated by the fact of being part of your entity, where at the same time I can found and develop my professional career, in addition to being able to complement with my experience, I hope that you can assess my candidacy in the selection of personnel, in addition to granting me the opportunity of a personal interview.

  • Example 4

I want to mention that my professional career has been linked to the area of ​​Social Work, Customer Service and Administration. As you will see in my resume, I took a Tax Administration course at the Business Administration Center, I have good training for the profile you are looking for.

  • Example 5

Given my great work experience, I have a great interest in belonging to your business group, I am a disciplined, cheerful, empathetic and responsible person, as well as having a great ability to work in a team.

  • Example 6

By virtue of the publication of the search for an Accountant, I want to send you my curriculum summary, where you can read in detail my work during 5 years as director of the Department of Economics in a prestigious bank. I am an effective, responsible, creative person, with initiative and a great capacity for leadership; That is why I consider that my application fits very well with your search.

  • Example 7              

I am currently a student in the 8th semester of the Bachelor of Human Resources at XXX University, being a distance study method, I can adapt without any problem to the work schedule.

  • Example 8

The decision to contact you is given my experience during 4 years as a Sales Representative, 3 years as a clerk and 3 years in the Hospitality area, having a perfect use of the English language that is currently vital for the position you are offering. I am attaching my resume so that you can corroborate all the information, in addition to requesting a personal interview, or through the means indicated to me.

  • Example 9

Currently I am a Higher University Technician in Customs Administration, in addition, I was an intern for a year at the Development Bank, carrying out various tasks in financial matters.

I would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to interview me, to answer any questions and to be able to extend the summary information that you attach.

  • Example 10

In relation to the area where I perform best, I would like to point out that I have extensive experience in Family Law, as well as enormous versatility of adaptation to any area of ​​law, great initiative, as well as motivation. Teamwork is another of my virtues and one of the most necessary to be able to develop a job with greater excellence.

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