Job Analysis Example

There are different analyzes of jobs in the world, everything will derive from the position to which you want to apply, also at the age required and all the specifications that are necessary to get a new employee.

In summary, we will tell you that the job is the description that a company makes about the profile, experiences, knowledge and skills that are required to include a new worker on the payroll.

If you entered this post because you are an entrepreneur and you need to know how to create a job analysis with all the specifications for your new company, we inform you that you are making the best decision.

This analysis is essential to do if you are in a business plan, but you will also need it in various stages of your company, even if it has been in operation for years, since through this analysis you will have the profile of the people who are required to occupy the job vacancies in the organization.

Points to consider for job analysis

  • Obligations derived from the vacant position.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Labor conditions.
  • Academic training of the person to choose the position.
  • Experiences of the person.
  • Psychological profile.
  • Physical features.
  • Abilities.
  • Skills.

Once you have considered all these points, you can prepare a description for the job position to be filled, with the aim of identifying the traits of the individual who is capable of offering a better performance to the company.

Job overview

  • Job title.
  • Place of work.
  • Functions: This may be one of the most important points, since here the tasks or activities to be carried out in the position will be noted.
  • Working conditions: Hours, tools, equipment or machines that will be used on the job. It can also be added if your own vehicle is needed.
  • Purpose of the position: hierarchical relationships (subordinates and superiors), department. Here you also define if you will have internal or external relationships, if it is with suppliers or customers, among others.
  • Responsibilities: According to the position, they could be responsibilities for people, but also for things or both.
  • Requirements: Previous experience, training and skills.
  • Environmental conditions: odors, heat, cold, dust, among others.
  • Risks of illness or accident at work: if there are any, it is important to attach it.
  • Economic conditions: This will be a filter, since only those who are interested in the starting salary that you capture at this point will apply for the position.

This is how you will perform the analysis on the position that is vacant in your company , once you see the options, you will know who will be the people that you can interview to choose the position you are offering.

Example of a job analysis

Date November 27, 2019
Job title Journalist
Place of work Juan Ignacio Ibarra Street, XYZ Newspaper. Madrid Spain.
Features Investigate, discover and contact sources that are relevant to issues of public interest. Contrast the information, rank it and synthesize it.
Labor conditions  

  • Puntuality
  • Interest in investigating the issues further.
  • Professional ethics
  • Persistence. …
  • Dissatisfaction and confidence in what you do.
Purpose of the position: Have a correct handling of confidential information and know how to outline it based on professional ethics. 

Maintain the best internal and external relationships to carry out a harmonious work.

Responsibilities: In this company, each journalist is responsible for the articles he publishes. Plagiarism is not allowed and if there is, our policy is to write an article where you admit you have plagiarized, which will be published and the author of the plagiarism will be fired.
Requirements: Previous experience, training and skills. Training: 

  • Degree in Social Communication or Degree in Journalism.
  • Knowledge of the Office package.
  • WordPress management.

  • Good spelling and writing.
  • Ease of research.
  • Capacity to work under pressure.
  • Social skills.
  • Initiative.
  • Ability to make decisions.
  • Leadership and motivation.
  • Ability to attend and listen.
Sex Indistinct.
Age Between 30 and 40 years.
Marital status Indistinct.
Experience Minimum 5 years working in the writing area. Present supports.
Starting salary 120,000 Euros gross per year.


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