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Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK v5.20 Download for Android

Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK

The Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK is a new fingerprint lock security measure. The app will be available in the Beta Labs section of Jio’s website and can also be downloaded from the Play Store. A fingerprint scanner, which is located at the back of this phone, ensures users’ privacy by locking apps and data with their personal thumbprint pattern. This app works on all three types of locks: Pattern lock, PIN code, and Password lock. It also has an option to erase all saved fingerprints if you want to start fresh or remove your old prints for some reason.

Download the latest version of the “Jio Phone fingerprint lock app” for your Jio Reliance phone and experience security with just a swipe. This application will allow you to protect yourself from intruders by requiring an extra layer of verification before they can access your device or data.

The new Fingerprint Lock App makes it easy for anyone who owns any model running on Android 2.2+ (Froyo) to unlock their gadget without typing in passwords, downloading third-party applications onto them, or enrolling online through websites.

Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock v5.20

Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK Additional Information

  • Name: Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock
  • Category: Tools, Personalization
  • Latest Version: v5.20
  • Package Name: com.jiophone.fingerprint
  • Updated on: April 2, 2021
  • Requirements: Android 4.1+
  • Developed By: Unknown
  • File Size: 2.93 MB

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Why Need to use Security Apps?

Imagine a world where you never have to fear for the safety of your data or privacy again. Security Apps allow Android users complete control over their smartphones, giving them access and power that was once reserved just for those in possession of special devices such as Rogers I Data Boxes.

The technology is available now through various third-party stores like Google Play Store so there’s no reason why anyone should go without this life-changing innovation especially considering how easy it will make things when dealing with sensitive material on public transportation during rush hour traffic…

The best way to avoid the Cold War is by using security tools like fingerprint locks. You can keep your devices anywhere without any hesitation if you put one on them and no one will be able to get in unless they broke into it or saw what’s inside!

What is Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App?

Jio is one of the greatest telecommunication companies in India and has also launched its own mobile phone product. These smartphones use an Android operating system and are quite famous among people because they provide fast 4G services at cheap prices.

This company enjoys having a huge number of users all over the country with this feature-rich smartphone that comes loaded up with more benefits than you can imagine.

Today we are sharing our Fingerprint lock Apk with you. This will help the user to keep their mobile phones safe and secure from strangers who might be trying to access them without permission or simply want to make an insecure device even more vulnerable by installing malicious apps on there.

Types of Locks in Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App

There are multiple types of security measures you can apply to your phone. Some need a specific kind of software so they will work, but some built-in features within devices also provide protection for the user’s data and identity from hackers who want access or control over what gets seen on their device.

Pattern Lock

We all know how difficult it is to type on a keypad with tiny little buttons, especially when you are in a hurry. That’s why there are so many people who use unlocking techniques like this one: just draw your unique pattern and do it.

The Security Key was created by Hiro Murai as the answer for every person looking for easy access without having remembered passwords or passcodes.

Fingerprint Lock

This is one of the most advanced and highly recommended safety methods for your devices if you carry sensitive data on them. Because this can allow you to open up your mobile with a sensor at home, where there are no limitations or delays because it’s not being used in an environment that contains other people who may want access as well.

Password or Key Lock

In this method, you enter a password by using special characters and numbers that are not found on most phones. Furthermore, there is a key that can be used in emergencies if your phone dies or gets lost.


Hey, I noticed you didn’t get a response to your question about the Fingerprint Lock App. Does it work or not?

The answer will be “No” because Jio devices don’t have fingerprint sensors which means this application may not suit them (Not sure if that’s an issue).

However, some YouTube Researchers claim they’ve found ways around with techniques on how to install apps like these by using another Apk version but again- no promises!!!

If downloading anyways head over straight away through our website; There is a link right below where all versions can now be downloaded conveniently while browsing.


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