Investment examples


It is a term that can refer to a form of savings, capital allocation or capital deferral. To speak of investment is to speak of the implementation of resources in order to be able to achieve a certain objective, be it economic, political, social, among others.

An investment, depending on the objective, can be macro or micro economic, that is, it can range from the economic management of a country to how it can be used in a company or on a personal level.

In the case of financial management of a country, investment can be considered as part of the gross formation that makes up a capital, being one of the determining factors of it, the gross domestic product (GDP). In this case, the goods produced in the nation can be taken for domestic consumption, for exports or acquired as an investment good.

In the case of companies or on a personal level , it can be understood as the management or use of a part of the capital to give impetus to a certain economic or financial activity with the expectation of some type of return or remuneration.

Investment example

  1. The stock market:  Anyone who thinks about investments immediately receives the thought that if you can get a large amount of money for an investment, it is in the stock market. And in theory this is true. There are companies that have gone public and in a very short time have managed to increase their profits by multiplying by much what their investors contributed. Some of them have sold their shares and today live on the income.
  2. The Commodity Market:  This other example is somewhat less well known, but it is also an investment that can pay off big dividends. Products called safe havens in times of high volatility in the stock market are gold and oil , which almost never stop rising and with which some investors have also made a lot of money.
  3. The foreign exchange market:  also known as Forex by its name in English, which consists of buying a certain international currency and selling it for a price higher than that paid for it when the demand marks it. Some brokers make a living, and very well, managing these operations for themselves or for some clients.
  4. Finance and deposits with short-term benefits
  5. Short-term financial activities
  6. Dividends or interest without maturity or with a maximum limit of one year.
  7. Asset maintenance
  8. Office furniture and equipment
  9. Commodity
  10. Transportation equipment
  11. Raw material
  12. Sure
  13. Training
  14. Land
  15. Buildings
  16. Personal
  17. Office equipments
  18. Maintenance material
  19. Computers and registers
  20. Working machines

The investments include:

  • In the short term: they  are transitory in nature, that is, the purpose of this type of investment is to ensure that the surplus capital from ordinary production is mobilized and productive instead of being idle in bank accounts. The maximum term of these investments is 1 year, so their value is of high quality, allowing them to be sold quickly.
  • Long-term:  this type of investment is made for periods of more than one year, without any immediate remuneration.

Investment advantage

  • Maximize the wealth of your investors
  • Increase the gains that are generated from surplus capital
  • They allow transfers of both risks and funds
  • They contribute to the financing and growth of a country
  • It is feasible and possible for both natural and legal persons
  • Quotes and shares are transparent

These are examples of what we can find to invest our money . Of course, it should be noted that only some have achieved remarkable success, while others have also gone bankrupt.

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