Inexperienced resume examples

Curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae or curriculum synthesis is a document through which a person describes himself both in an educational and professional way and in a certain way, personally. It is a resume where qualities and virtues inherent in a certain person are described, in a personal way.

When they finish their studies, generally university or higher, the young person or adult automatically thinks about getting a job in order to put into practice everything they have learned. In this sense, although there is no approved experience other than the educational one, it is important to highlight and highlight all the positive qualities that are possessed in order to attract the attention of the person or company that is going to hire.

It should be noted that in order to carry out a good curriculum synthesis or curriculum vitae, you do not necessarily need experience. With the tools you have or skills acquired you can make a good resume and impress so that the job you want you can achieve.

First, you must take into account as a primary and indispensable element, the adequacy of your synthesis to the work you want or are looking for. Tailor your description to the job you want. That is why you should first investigate what the company you want to join does, what they produce and the staff they are looking for.

In this sense, we recommend that you make it very clear what you as a person can contribute to the company and what they need. In the same way, we recommend that you make a personal list with all your qualities and attributes that you think can benefit the company and that you can express when being at the job interview.

Elements that must contain a curriculum vitae without experience

  • The personal data well described and without errors is one of the determining points when preparing the resume. In it you must capture all your data correctly, from your name, identification number and telephone number.
  • You must make it very clear what your interests are when entering the company as well as your objectives for it. What you are looking for with the job you want is an important element.
  • The description of your educational history is an essential element when making a curriculum synthesis without experience. In this sense, you must be very clear that a good curriculum synthesis depends mostly on this aspect, it will be your point of focus and acceptance in the company where you want to work. That is why you must be as explicit and detailed as possible.
  • In case of having complementary training , apart from the traditional educational one, such as courses, diplomas, workshops, among others, you must describe it in the same way, as long as it contributes value and interest regarding the job you want.
  • If you know or handle a language , you must leave it established in your synthesis.
  • If you have carried out activities that you consider have nurtured your experience in the area where you want to work such as study trips, volunteering, among others, it is important to add it.
  • Your abilities or skills is the basis of what you want. Description and non-exaggerated praise of yourself can help you land your first job. Establish what are your skills or abilities that you think can help or benefit the company in which you want to join.
  • Finally, if you have extra data that you can contribute, such as time availability for extra work or traveling, vehicle availability, among other things, it would do you good to add them.

Inexperienced resume examples

  1. Model 1

Personal information

Name and surname

Identification number

Date of birth

Contact phone number

Important note: In this initial space a passport-type photo must be included according to the seriousness of the resume.

Professional objective

(Make a short description of your experience or knowledge that is related to the position, why you are interested in the job and what you could contribute to the company. You must be brief and concise)

Academic training

(Degree or Study Career), (month, year)

(Study Center)

(Place of Studies, Country)

Further training

(Name of Master or Course), (Study Center) – (Month, Year)

(Name of Master or Course), (Study Center) – (Month, Year)

(Name of Master or Course), (Study Center) – (Month, Year)


Microsoft Office at the advanced user level.

Specific programs: InDesign advanced level, AutoCad medium level, Photoshop basic level …

Programming languages: PHP medium level, Java advanced level, .NET basic level …


English: Spoken loud, Written loud.

French: Basic spoken, Basic written.

Other data of interest

B1 driving license. Own vehicle. Availability to travel.

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