Industry Groups

Industry Groups
Industry Groups

What are the Industry Groups? Industry is one of the branches of material production, and the most powerful. It includes the extraction of raw materials, fuel, the production of energy, tools, and the processing of products from other industries.

Industry as an industry arose during the industrial revolutions (XVIII-XIX centuries), but it received rapid development in the XX century. Groups of industries are distinguished by the time of origin, but they also differ in their essence, mainly in terms of knowledge intensity.

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Industry Groups

The oldest industries that make up the first group are –

  • coal,
  • iron ore,
  • metallurgical,
  • textile,
  • shipbuilding,
  • production of railway rolling stock.

In our time, if there is growth in these industries, it is very slow. However, these industries still occupy a significant place in the entire world industry.

The emergence of new industries in the first half of the 20th century led to scientific and technological progress. These sectors of the second group include

  • aluminum smelting,
  • automotive,
  • plastics production,
  • production of chemical fiber.

Currently, these industries continue to grow. Initially, they were concentrated in developed countries, but now they are also widespread in developing countries.

The newest branches of industry constitute the third group. All of them are science-intensive and appeared after the scientific and technological revolution. These include

  • microelectronics,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • robotics,
  • nuclear production,
  • aircraft construction,
  • spacecraft manufacturing,
  • organic synthesis,
  • biotechnology.

Currently, these industries are growing quite rapidly. Mostly concentrated in economically developed countries.

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