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Inductive Method Examples

Inductive method is defined as the set that is opposite to the deductive and generally this goes from the particular to the general. Therefore, observation, registration and information are used in order to make premises that can serve as support.

In general, this method works through generalizations which are supported by specific observations.

15 Examples of Inductive Method

  1. Juan’s bicycle is made of iron.
  2. Maria’s bicycle is made of iron.
  3. My bicycle is made of iron.
  4. In conclusion, all bicycles are made of iron.
  5. A study in patients with tension problems are more likely to suffer from the heart.
  6. People who exercise and eat healthy are less likely to suffer from heart disease.
  7. People with blood pressure problems end up taking medications for life.
  8. By observing the movement of a body and the time and space traveled is noted.
  • Time 15 seconds_space 200m
  • Time 25 seconds _space 300m.
  • Time 35 seconds_space 400m
  1. Celery and pumpkin = food.
  2. Plums, beets, strawberries = red foods.
  3. Milky, pineapple, melon, banana, grapes = fruits.
  4. Celery, potatoes, squash, onion = vegetables.
  5. Chives, parsley, coriander, celery Spain = branches.
  6. In the inductive method it is used: intuition, observation, experimentation, analysis, comparison, abstraction, exemplification, generalization, conclusion or law.
  7. Marco has four cats: pussycat, pepe, fifi and bear.
  • Pussycat is yellow.
  • Pepe is yellow.
  • Fifi is yellow.
  • Bear is yellow

In conclusion, Marco’s 4 cats are yellow.

  1. The horse can fly.
  • Horses do not have wings.
  • Animals that fly have wings.
  1. Men have beards.
  • Women are not men.
  • Women do not have beards.
  1. The dancer is a black man.
  • The woman is white.
  • The woman is not the dancer.

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