How to write the time in English

Knowing the time is as important as knowing where you live as it temporarily locates us and orders daily activities. Writing the time in English is necessary not only because of its writing , but because it allows us to communicate, to know what time the premises, institutions, clinics, etc. close or open.

Writing the time in English is extremely simple, just refer to the hour and the minutes.

Examples of how to write the time in English

The sentence written about the time in English is: What time is it? – What time is it? This leads to answers that have their formalities , let’s see them:

If we are guided by Spanish, the time is written in this way:

  • 9:55 Nine fifty-five. Nine and fifty-five
  • 2:30 Two thirty. Half past two
  • 8:47 Eight forty-seven. Eight forty seven
  • 3:15 Three fifteen. Three fifteen

If it is the exact time or on the dot, it is written like this:

  • 1:00 It´s one o´clock. One o’clock
  • 4:00 It’s four o’clock. Four o’clock
  • 6:00 It’s six o’clock. Six o’clock

When it comes to twelve o’clock, you have to consider whether it is noon or midnight

  • Twelve noon. Twelve of mid day
  • Twelve midnight. Midnight

When it is an hour and a half, it is written like this:

  • It’s half past five. Half past five
  • It’s half past seven. Half past seven
  • It’s half past one. One and a half

When it is an hour and a quarter, it is written like this:

  • It’s quarter past six. Quarter past six
  • It’s quarter past ten. Quarter past ten
  • Its´ quarter past four. Quarter past four

When we say that it is a quarter to an hour, in English we write:

  • It’s quarter to twelve. Quarter to twelve
  • It’s quarter to four. Quarter to four
  • It’s quarter to nine. Quarter to nine

Ways to ask and write the time

There are variants to ask the time like these:

  • Could you tell me the time? Can you tell me the time?
  • Please tell me the time. Please tell me the time
  • Do you have time? What time is it?
  • Who can tell me the time? Who can tell me the time?

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