How to write the alphabet in English

The alphabet is one of the first rules to learn to read and write any language; Many people when they are starting to use words in a language other than their native language, prefer to spell the words because it is difficult for them to master the correct pronunciation of a word.

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters and does not use the “ñ” like the Spanish alphabet. Unlike the Spanish alphabet, the letters are not pronounced as they are written, there are almost 50 sounds of them and becoming familiar is a matter of time and discipline .

The alphabet in English

The alphabet contains vowels and consonants , arranged as in the Spanish alphabet. Let’s see how the letters are written and their pronunciation in English.

  • A: ei
  • B: bi
  • C: ci
  • D: say
  • E: i
  • F: ef
  • G: yi
  • H: eich
  • I: ai
  • J: hee
  • K: kei
  • L: the
  • M: em
  • N: in
  • O: ou
  • P: pi
  • Q: kiu
  • R: ar
  • S: is
  • T: you
  • U: u
  • V: uvi
  • W: dabliu
  • X: ex
  • Y: uai
  • Z: zi

If you notice many of them contain the letter itself in the pronunciation, for example: b (bi), c (ci), d (di), f (ef), h (eich), i (ai), j (jei ), k (kei), l (el), m (em), n (en), o (ou), p (pi), r (ar), s (es), t (ti), v (uvi ), x (ex), z (zi).

The letters a, g, q, w, and do not appear in their own pronunciation. Another interesting fact to facilitate the work of memorizing the alphabet is that 17 letters of 26 letters, use the “i” in pronunciation.

Spell english words

To spell it is enough to be guided by the alphabet and the pronunciation that we gave you previously; however, when it comes to pronouncing the whole word, the situation varies greatly.

Spelling out words in English will be a good exercise to master the language, but more so if you can learn how to pronounce the whole word using sounds in perfect Spanish. Here are some examples of words in English, how they are spelled and their pronunciation in Spanish.

  • Pi- el- ei- uai. Plei
  • Bi- uai- i. Bai
  • En- ei- em- i. Nein
  • Yi- ei- em- i. Guein

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