How to write an address in English

Knowing how to write an address in any language is important because it ensures that the communications they send you, or you send, reach the correct destination .

This time we give you the correct format of how to write an address in English, because in the United States and England there is an order that helps efficiently in the search for addresses.

How to give an address in English?

Giving an address in the established format is not a matter of whim, it is a rule that all resident citizens must learn, those who aspire to live in the United States or direct communications to that country.

Think that if you work in a public or private body of assistance, in an airport, tourism agency, etc., you must accurately guide the search for an address . Consequently, we explain in detail how to write an address in English.

Generally, you will find that addresses are written using 3 lines.

  • In the first, you have to write the street number; then the name of the street, then you have to specify if that name belongs to a street, avenue, boulevard, corridor or another.
  • In the second line. You have to write the number of the apartment or suite where you live.
  • In the third line, you write the name of the city, the state and the zip code or zip code.
  • Take into account the abbreviations and cardinal points.

English address example

With the basic rules described we will give you an example of this.

  • 4441 Collins Ave, (first line)

SUITE 5A-1204 (second line)

Miami Beach, FL 33140 (third line)

Examples of cardinal points and abbreviations in one direction in English

It is important that you take into account the abbreviations and the cardinal points with which the city is ordered and therefore the addresses. We will give you a guide to understand them, in which we will first write the cardinal point, then the abbreviation and then the translation.

  • North – N – North
  • South – S – South
  • East – E – East
  • West – W – West
  • Northeast – NE – Northeast
  • Southeast – SE – Southeast
  • Northwets – NW – Northwest
  • Southwets – SW – Southwest

There are also other abbreviations that interest you

  • bird
  • BCH
  • CTR
  • BLVD
  • CT
  • PL
  • PLZ
  • ST
  • FL
  • IL

Example of direction in English using abbreviations of cardinal points and cities

  • 1425 SW 12 AVE

Coral Gables, FL 33134


  • 2025 E Street

NW Washington

DC 20006

  • 251 E Huron St

Chicago, IL 60611

United states

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