How to spell english

How do you write English in English? It is a question that has a lot of logic, since to learn a language it is necessary to know how it is written . Above all, we must bear in mind that when we speak with the English word in Spanish, it is likely that we are referring to an adjective or, failing that, to a noun.

In the first we talk about someone and in the second we talk about a particular language. It is important to note that in both American and British English the correct answer to the question asked is that English is written and pronounced English, bearing in mind that it is always capitalized.

In view of this, it is good to note that the origin of English is Germanic , it comes from England, then it spread through Scotland until it reached the United States.

Main variants of the English language

English as a language has to its credit two very prominent variants, which are made up of American English and British English. Between the two, notable differences can be found, especially at the level of pronunciation. But it also happens in terms of spelling and vocabulary .

English and its writing

There are some steps to learn English writing, among them we can mention:

  • Writing English with vocabulary : this phase will allow you to express yourself through writing when you learn the new words. It is good to find the synonym and the antonym of each word, that will expand your vocabulary and you will be able to express yourself more fluently.
  • English spelling : it is important that you learn to spell the words correctly, since spelling deficiencies change the meaning of what is said, and bad spelling makes it difficult for the reader to understand, so it should be practiced frequently.
  • Improve your grammar : this aspect is very important, because it helps you to significantly improve the clarity of your writing.
  • Calligraphy in English : writing is a phase that is learned by writing it, you only achieve it with practice. It is about daring to improve the writing and the sense of what is expressed.

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