How do you spell woman in English

Biologically, women make up the female sex within the human species, this word is a noun that identifies her within society and in any area where she works, that is why we want to know how to spell woman in English.

The evolution of women in all areas, both political, cultural, intellectual and academic, in addition to their performance in the arts and writing are highly recognized, so much so that today we talk about the female gender , due to the remarkable performance that women offer worldwide.

Its transcendence and growth at a global level has had such an impact that the UN approved and decree on March 8 as the “International Women’s Day “, dedicated to all those women who fulfill different roles at all levels, where they have achieved achieve merits and prominences, equaling men.

Different ways of how you spell women in English

Next, all the categories represented by the woman and her writing in the English language are written:

  • Woman : is the name given in English to the person who belongs to the female gender, represented by the woman
  • Women : is the plural noun in English, referring to women
  • Lady : it is a formal way of calling women, whose treatment translates into lady
  • Female : it is the way to define the gender of woman in English, when she is very feminine
  • Girl : the term in English girl, refers to the young person, who belongs to the female gender
  • Mother : is that woman dedicated to raising her children, which represents and strengthens her role as a mother
  • Grandmother : is the woman who represents the famous grandmother in the family nucleus
  • Daugther : is the person of the female gender who exercises her role as daughter
  • Sister : is that woman who exercises the role of sister within the family nucleus
  • Uncle : is the female who acts as aunt within the family
  • Niece : the niece is a highly appreciated figure within the family constitution
  • Cousin : within the consanguineous family the cousin is also within the genealogical tree
  •  Wife : the term wife is used to define the woman who fulfills her role as a wife

Sentences with the ways of writing woman in English

  1. The woman declared that she belonged to a feminist movement
  2. Fernando’s wife bought a new car (Fernando’s wife bought one car again)
  3. Rosario’s mother was on a trip to Mexico
  4. I met a very elegant and cultured lady at the art academy
  5. My grandmother Tomasa prepares a divine meal (My grandmother Tomasa prepares a divine meal)
  6. The Girl Who lives next door is Pedro’s sister (The girl who lives in the house to the side is the sister of Pedro).

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