How do you spell school in English

The word school, whether in Spanish, English or another language, is a noun that refers to a place built and designed to teach children, youth and adults. Most countries make the first years of education compulsory for all citizens .

In English, school is spelled school and is used in many English words, such as. Public school, secondary school, high school, primary school, etc, to specify the level of study , type or specialty.

Examples of how to spell school in English

The school or educational institutions have their academic degrees, levels or specialties in the fields of science. Therefore, you will find the word school accompanying another that will give it the specific connotations.

  • Bussines school . School of Business Administration or Business School. It is a university-level institution.
  • Driving school . Auto school or driving school where you learn to drive cars.
  • Elementary school . It is the primary or elementary school where children attend up to the age of 5 years.
  • Catholic school . They are non-governmental parochial schools to teach Catholic teachings.
  • Grade school . It has the same functions as the elementary school.
  • Graduate school . It is a graduate school, to grant specialized degrees in any disciplinary field as long as you have an undergraduate degree. They include masters and doctorates.
  • Medical school . It is a school of medical studies that awards degrees to doctors and surgeons, but also in Philosophy .
  • Home school . It refers to the education received at home from the parents, guardians or those responsible for the children. In the United States, home schooling or homeschooling is what parents prefer because they are not satisfied with the education of public and private schools.
  • Old school . Old school, it is an expression that refers to the old-fashioned. It can also be understood as people who prefer traditional teachings.
  • Private school . They are schools independent of the state or local, national or state government. Funding depends on a tuition canceled by parents or guardians.
  • Secondary school. School for young people between eleven and 20 years old.

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