How do you spell Saturday in English

Saturday corresponds to the sixth day of the week, counted from Monday. Like the rest of the days of the week, knowing how to write in English can facilitate the forms of oral and written expression to communicate better.

Saturday is written in English like this: Saturday, and all the days of the week in English end in “day”.

Grammar of the word Saturday

Saturday, along with the other days of the week, must be capitalized. It is a word made up of 8 letters, of which 3 are vowels and 5 are consonants.

It is a sharp word because the tone of voice falls on the last syllable (day); but he has no accent. It can be divided into 3 syllables and contains a diphthong (ay) called decreasing.

On the other hand, Saturday in Spanish is an esdrújula word because it has the accent on the third to last syllable , it is made up of 6 letters, 3 vowels and 3 consonants.

Sometimes new speakers of the English language tend to confuse the expressions “days of the week”, “weekdays” and “weekend”; but it’s not the same. The first expression contains all the days of the week, while the second refers only to the days between Monday and Friday. Finally, the third does include Saturdays and Sundays.

Origin of the days of the week in English

Like the rest of the days, we owe the etymology of the word Saturday to the Roman god Saturn. Thus to Monday, (Monday) corresponds to the day of the Moon; Tuesday, (Tuesday) to the day of the war; Wednesday, (Wednesday), to the Roman god Mercury; on Thursday, (Thursday) to Jupiter and, on Sunday, (Sunday) to the day of the Sun.

Common sentences with Saturday

The colloquial dialogue creates expressions with which you have to become familiar in order to communicate better every day, so you have to use social jargon :

  • Small Saturday: Friday
  • Gloria Saturday: Easter Saturday
  • Holy Saturday: Easter Saturday
  • Last Saturday: last Saturday
  • Saturday morning: (on) Saturday morning
  • One Saturday yes and another no: every other Saturday
  • Saturday night: Saturday night

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