How do you spell months in English

There are very basic words that must be known in a language to communicate effectively. Months, is one of them and is written Months, it refers to the time of year, period or chronology of the activities that are carried out daily.

Nobody lives a day without knowing what month we are in, because it is a way of ordering events and family, work, institutional and other relationships.

Grammar of the word months in English

Months or months is a masculine noun that refers to the months of the year, so when translating it we must mention what month of the year we are referring to.

  • The word months has 6 letters: m – o – n –t – h – s
  • 2 syllables: mon – ths
  • It is pronounced with a single voice and that is why it is a high-pitched word.
  • Synonyms refer to temporality such as monthly payments and menstruation .

The months of the year in English

Each month of the year has its origin in the Roman calendar and its writing will vary according to the language , in the case of English we offer you how it is written in this language, how it is pronounced, its translation and its meaning:

  • Yanuari. January. It is the first month of the year and means “the guardian of the gates.”
  • Februari. February. Second month of the year. refers to the Roman festivals of purification.
  • March. March. Third month of the year. it is dedicated to the god Mars or the planet of the same name.
  • Eipril. April. Fourth month and it means the moment of rebirth of the flowers or opening of them.
  • Mei. May. Fifth month dedicated to the goddess Maia, keeper of the earth.
  • Jun. June. Sixth month referring to Jupiter’s wife.
  • Julai. July. Seventh month of the year in honor of Julius Caesar.
  • Ósgost. August. Eighth month of the year dedicated to the first Roman emperor “Augustus”.
  • September. September. Ninth month of the year, but refers to position seven of the ancient Roman calendar.
  • Octouber. October. Tenth month of the year, which means eight in sequence on the ancient Roman calendar.
  • November. November. Eleventh month of the year which means nine in sequence of the ancient Roman calendar.
  • Decémber. December. Last month of the year, which means ten in sequence on the ancient Roman calendar.

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