How do you spell hello in English

The greeting is a norm of every society , most of the time it is done informally since we greet the people we know every day, whether they are family members, neighbors or co-workers.

The writing of hello in English also records this informality, but has a grammatical basis in the construction of sentences. Hello in English, it is commonly written as “Hello” or “Hi”.

Grammar of the word hello in English

Although the greeting in English can be written in several ways, and we will exemplify them later, we will use “Hello”, to analyze it grammatically , as it is the most common of all worldwide.

  • Hello, has two syllables: hel – lo.
  • The stressed syllable falls on the penultimate syllable: hel – lo
  • It is made up of 5 letters: h, e, l, l, o. of which two are vowels and two are consonants.
  • Hello does not have a spelling accent because it is not used in that language, unless it is a word taken from another language. Example: coffee.

How can you write hello in English?

As we announced there are several ways to write hello in English, as it is a way of greeting either oral or written, it has several words to mean the same thing. We give you some examples:

  • Hello my names is Bertha. (Formal writing) Hello, my name is Bertha
  • Hi my names is Thomas. (Informal writing). Hello my name is thomas
  • Hi there. Hello, this way of writing hello is used when you like someone
  • How are you doing? ( Formal writing ) How are you doing?
  • What´s up. (Informal writing) How are you doing? What’s the matter?
  • Hello, formal greeting from the British
  • Good day. Good day
  • Buenos dias. Good Morning
  • It’s the informality of good morning
  • Good afternoon. Buenas tardes
  • Good evening. Good evening
  • Hej hej. This is a very cheerful greeting used by Swedes.
  • How are things. How are things going?
  • Welcome
  • What´s new? What’s new?
  • Ahoy mate. Greeting expression in Australia
  • Hello good. Greeting used in London

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