How do you spell good morning in English

The first thing we must learn of a new language are the greeting phrases, because they are the entrance to a conversation or the first lines of a letter. In the case of the English language, the first thing we need to know is how to write or say good morning.

Good morning , is the good morning greeting in English language.

Ways to write good morning in English

Besides good morning, there are other ways to write the good morning greeting.

    • It is a very informal oral and written expression of saying good morning. Strangely it is more used than we imagine, perhaps because of its familiarity it is accepted among friends, work colleagues, study and at home.
    • Good day. Good day. It can be written and used in public environments such as airports, parks, cinemas, malls, and others.
    • G day. It is the written and oral contraction of good day, and it is recommended to use it in work environments where there is trust and other spaces where informality is common.

How to pronounce good morning?

In many languages ​​the way a word is written is not the same as it is pronounced, however, it is easy to do so as long as you can read it in your language.

Let’s see how to spell in English and how to pronounce good morning using Spanish words. But first it is good to know that when you see words in English with the letter “o” repeated, you have to pronounce it with a “u” at the start or double.

  • Good Morning. Buenos dias. Guud mor When you go to pronounce it you should emphasize the tone of voice in the mor syllable .
  • Good day. Good day. Guud dei. The tone of voice falls on dei.
  • Good day. G day. Yi dei. It is pronounced in the same way as good day.

Phrases to greet with good morning

Besides good morning, you can complete your greeting with other simple words.

  • Good morning Martha, how are you doing? Good morning Martha, how are you doing?
  • Morning my Darling, how are you today? Good morning darling, how are you today?
  • Morning honey, did you have a sound sleep? Good morning darling, did you sleep well?

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