Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Guerrilla marketing

It is a selling proposition opposite to what is conventionally used. It is a novel strategy that allows companies to advance in the face of the great demand that currently exists. In order to attract attention and attract new customers, this is why this new advertising model has been implemented.

The term was created in the 1980s by Jay Conrad Levinson , who wrote a number of books on guerrilla tactics in a number of professional areas. At that time, marketing in general was very different, and while guerrilla marketing is still used today.

In the digital field it is getting older and changing. In the economic area, guerrilla marketing is an optional avenue for marketers due to its “low budget” nature . Here the real investment is intellectual, creative, but its execution is low cost.

And it is for this reason that guerrilla marketing has guerrilla tactics that in most cases depend on an element of surprise, this is related to ambushes, incursions, sabotage, etc. and it works by reusing your audience’s current medium. It is important to evaluate, and to find out what segments of it can be reused to include them in your brand.

Examples of guerrilla marketing

  1. UNICEF: I apply an idea to remind the privileged masses that in many corners of the world, entire populations do not have access to safe water.

In this way, instead of investing money in bottled water, UNICEF proposed that instead of investing money in bottled water, a plan should be executed so that clean water reaches these areas. This plan was carried out by creating makeshift vending machines that were intended to sell bottled dirty water, with each button labeled with a specific disease caused by the use of drinking water.

  1. Red Bull : Red Bull set a world record for the highest skydiving jump, this by means of the Red Bull Strata, it consisted of a death-defying jump over 128,100 feet in the stratosphere.

The return trip generally lasted 9:09 minutes with 4:22 of that time in free fall. The most relevant of the case is that Red Bull attracted the attention of millions of people for this trick. On the same day, they also broke social media records, reaching more than 8 million views on YouTube.

  1. Coca-cola: in January 2010, the coca-cola company released the video “happynes machines” with the help of the interactive marketing agency. The video showed a Coca-Cola vending machine that dispensed more than a cold drink.

The video went viral and currently has more than 4.5 million views on YouTube. In May 2010, I won the prestigious CLIO gold interactive award. The video garnered more views in Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

  1. Frontline: they are manufacturers of tick and flea prevention products for dogs, and they were able to fill an entire floor with an image of a dog chasing away mosquitoes that are not actually mosquitoes but people walking on top of the image, thus giving the illusion that they are mosquitoes.

The brand was aware that many people walk on this floor and that a good number of people can appreciate this image from the upper levels of the buildings. This campaign is an alternative to traditional marketing, because it is not just placing an image with an inviting message anywhere which is likely to be ignored. It is about people interacting with the message unconsciously, which reminds the viewer of what the product does.

  1. Bounty: They put some kind of mess on the streets of New York: a giant melted lollipop and a giant beaten cup of coffee. The brand found a unique way to advertise its product and the solution it provides, with minimal words. This is what makes this type of campaign difficult to ignore.
  1. Colgate – The combination of chocolate, vanilla, and sugar was an excellent bridge for Colgate advertising. They know very well that people are not going to stop consuming sweets, that is why they took advantage of that same consumption and inside the ice cream popsicles (the wooden popsicle itself) they made a toothbrush design, referring to that after eating a sweet, it is advisable to brush your teeth.
  2. Gastronomy: this area was also renewed and today they have developed new impact images to reach more consumers. They have innovated so much that a major company, a pasta maker in Italy, posted images of people pretending to eat pasta with the string that ties ships to the dock.
  3. Nívea: it has innovated in sales and advertising. They know that I do not know you can say goodbye to cellulite in 10 days, however, with the products they offer they can achieve it, for this they designed a blue furniture (their advertising color) where half is covered by buttons, simulating cellulite and the other half completely smooth with the message of snow.
  4. Bowling dental clinics: In order for their clients to remember their regular visits to the dentist to maintain excellent oral health, some dental clinics captured people’s mouths and just inside them, pine trees simulating teeth.
  5. Ballet school : a ballet school in the United States, in order to attract more students to its school, I created a super novel idea to attract attention. The posters pasted on the posts were placed with the name of the school and in the lower part of the poster around it, they placed in the shape of a tutu, the tabs that contained the information and telephones of the school.

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