Food Examples


It is about everything that we consume and that provides nutrients to our body.

Food can be solid or liquid, vegetable or animal and are necessary for life, therefore, they are essential for all living beings.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet as this goes hand in hand with having good health.

Food example

    1. Drinks: Water, Juice and Wines.
    2. Oils: butter, olive and butter.
  1. Milk and derivatives: cheeses, milks and yogurts.
  2. Sugars: sucre and candies.
  3. Meat, eggs and fish: lamb, beef, eggs, various fish.
  4. Fruits, vegetables and greens: grape, chard, spinach, lettuce, melon, pear, mango, among others.
  5. Starches: rice, pasta, potatoes, bread and legumes.
  6. Fiber: oats, wheat, among others.

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