Fluid Characteristics


Matter composed of molecules is known as fluids , which are weakly attracted to each other.

For this reason, it does not have the ability to maintain its concrete shape, but on the contrary, it acquires the shape of the container in which it is located.

This is the difference between solids and liquids, solids have particles that do not change position easily, but resist displacement while maintaining their shape.

Unrelated molecules slide in liquids and move independently in gases.

Fluid Characteristics

  1. Its forms are unlimited , this is due to its position of balance.
  2. Most fluids are usually understandable to some degree , however, this compressibility does not differentiate fluids from solids, because the compressibility of solids are similar to those of liquids.
  3. The viscosity of gases is usually much lower than in liquids. This, because it generates the viscosity, causes the deformation speed to increase within the continuous medium.
  4. The large molecular distance is one of the characteristics of fluids, in which their molecules are separated by a significant distance unlike solids and this is an advantage since they allow them to change quickly.
  5. Capillarity is an intermolecular cohesive force of fluids that makes it possible to climb up the capillary tube that moves against gravity. This is partly caused by gravity.
  6. Pascal’s principle is completely useful in hydraulics, because it uses fluid as a mechanical tool to achieve movement.
  7. Surface tension is a unique property of fluids.
  8. Fluids are characterized by being: Newtonian fluids, superfluids and non-Newtonian fluids.
  9. The space that the fluid invades, taking into account the unit of weight, are directly influenced by the temperature and pressure that tend to fall on it.
  10. Fluids are stable when the fluid particles follow a uniform trajectory and their velocity is usually constant regardless of the point where it is and the time it happens.

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