Excel Features


Excel is considered a software program from Microsoft .

The records Excel are designed in columns and rows of reference, organized by particular cells. Each of these cells can dominate texts or numerary values ​​that can be calculated with formulas.

From this point of view, the Excel program manages to work in conjunction with a calculator and basic text program in order to perform simple operations.

It is important to note that Excel is a good tool to be able to carry out the same mathematical operation many times.

Excel features

  1. It is presented in the form of a table .
  2. The columns are identified by letters, from right to left.
  3. The rows are identified by numbers, from top to bottom.
  4. Each cell located in the table can be easily identified by searching in the “search engine” with the corresponding letter and number.
  5. Each document or calculation in separate file called sheet calculation.
  6. In each spreadsheet there is what is known as a ribbon, where you can view the various options you have to edit and modify the document to be produced.
  7. It has a choice of formulas , which makes this program characteristic, allowing calculations to be carried out in an orderly and visual way.
  8. The purpose of the formulas is to insert numerical data in the cells arranged for it.
  9. It is a program that is used both by people without knowledge of Excel, for simple activities, and for those specialized in the matter.
  10. The document made in Excel can be easily saved either on the pc or device where you are working or on the internet through google drive.
  11. You can send your document directly from Excel via email via Hotmail or Outlook.
  12. Excel provides a choice of arranged tables that are commissioned for your records .
  13. The way your records are summarized is flexible , but usually the pivot table handles summed values in some or most conditions.
  14. Organizing a pivot table requires that its records have a table header or column header and no blank rows.
  15. The format is temporary , the format of a cell is modified obeying the text of the cell.
  16. Sets the name in alphabetical order or the assessment score numerically.
  17. There is a great variety of graphic formats .
  18. The formats any work can be easily and quickly excel only certain cells.
  19. The leaves data processing to facilitate sense Excel allow large numbers of records.
  20. Establish records that best suit your needs, working with Excel’s filter and categorization performances.

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