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Examples of zoonoses


Zoonosis is any disease or infection that can be transmitted from animals to people. In this case, when transmission occurs from an animal to a human being, the term used is anthropozoonosis, while if the reverse occurs, that is, a disease transmitted from a person to an animal, the word to define it is zooanthroponosis.

Zoonosis can be classified into very specific types that can be viral, fungal and bacterial. At present many diseases are known that are transmitted from animals to people, insects are also included and an example of zoonosis in this case can be yellow fever which is caused from the bite of a mosquito which transmits the virus through its bite. Other known cases are bird flu or swine flu. Prevention, control and eradication programs exist throughout the world to reduce the cases of zoonoses.

Currently 200 different diseases are known caused by Zoonosis , however, experts in the field indicate that the number may increase in relation to the figures of international trips made by tourists. Another factor is globalization and the destruction of wild animal habitat by man.

Examples of zoonoses

  1. Anger.
  2. Dengue.
  3. Bird flu.
  4. Brucellosis.
  5. Ebola
  6. Carbuncle.
  7. Tuberculosis.
  8. Q fever.
  9. Cryptococcosis.
  10. Tub.
  11. Hypodermosis.
  12. Trichinosis.
  13. Histoplasmosis.
  14. Echinococcosis.
  15. Lassa fever.
  16. Hantavirus
  17. Yellow fever
  18. Nile fever
  19. zica
  20. Bubonic plague
  21. Brucellosis
  22. Carbuncle
  23. Salmonellosis
  24. Tularemia
  25. Leptopirosis
  26. Cat-scratch disease
  27. Trichinosis
  28. Taeniasis
  29. Toxoplasmosis
  30. Anisakis
  31. Amoebosis
  32. Hydatidiosis
  33. Sapcoptic scabies
  34. Lesishmaniasis
  35. Echinococcosis
  36. Diphyllobothriasis

Types of zoonoses

  • That transmitted by contact with feces: the diseases and bacteria that can be transmitted are toxoplasma gondii, parasites such as roundworms, giardia sp, tapeworms, Campylobacter jejuni , as well as many other types of Salmonella species.
  • Those transmitted by bites: among them we can find rabies, tetanus, among many others.
  • Those transmitted by respiratory route:  psittacosis and those transmitted by various species of curved-billed birds.
  • Those transmitted through the skin: we can find diseases such as fungi or dermatophytosis of various forms and ectoparasites such as lice or fleas.

In this sense, it is important to highlight the great importance (worth the redundancy) of veterinary medical controls as well as personal medical controls, since this allows to control and prevent the various diseases that may be caused by pets or animals of another nature.

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