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Examples of Zoomorphism

The  zoomorphism is a type of artistic expression that is creating all kinds of sculptures and decorative objects inspired by animals, of any kind, type or size.

The animal world in this sense is an incredible source of inspiration for designers and sculptors, who can create pieces that represent something more than a simple object that serves to decorate the room or hall, depending on the work they have taken and the material used. type of objects can acquire a fairly high value.

There are two types of zoomorphic representations within an artistic context and they are the following: the animals themselves and those figures inspired by animals and that have elements of fantasy and that are mostly found in the field of mythology in various cultures such as the Egyptian.

15 Examples of Zoomorphism

  1. The imperial style furniture.
  2. Wall clocks with cat and bird shapes.
  3. Amulets and religious objects.
  4. The city of Cuzco which has the shape of a puma.
  5. The Nazca lines in Peru.
  6. Sculptures in ice.
  7. Bird-shaped people.
  8. Human-shaped reptiles.
  9. Paintings in the caves of mammals in the shape of people.
  10. Sebek. God of water is represented as a human with the head of the feared Nile crocodile.
  11. The TWA Flight Center in New York inspired by the wings of a bird.
  12. The Milwaukee Art Museum inspired by a bird’s wings.
  13. Oriental Village on the Side of the Sea, with an organization inspired by patterns of insects and plants.
  14. Pieces made with ceramic in the shape of birds or any other type.
  15. Table lamps adorned with the shapes of birds or any other animal.

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