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Examples of zone of proximal development

The concept of proximal development zone was originally proposed by the psychologist Lev Vygotsky during the 1930s and basically refers to that zone or gap in which a child has a tool within reach or is in a potentially effective situation to perform a task. but by himself he does not have the knowledge to carry out this task but if the right person knows how to guide him, support him and teach him what to do, then he will know what to do and he will learn to do a job or several. This concept has served for decades to determine statistical data on education in various countries, in summary, we can say that the zone of proximal development is a series of functions that are in the development stage but have not yet been specified.

In the zone of proximal development, functions that have not yet been developed in the child can also be determined, they are at a very early stage but need even more time and effort to transmit that information that allows the child to learn and specify the development of functions that were previously in the initial stages, at this point they will be able to perform work and tasks on their own, in some sectors of education and psychology these functions are known that are not yet developed as “buttons” or ” flowers “of development, when they reach the next stage then they can already be called” fruits “.

Examples of zone of proximal development:

  1. A child who is given a bicycle needs an adult-led learning process to learn to ride it.
  2. When a child wants to be more independent, simply tying his shoelaces can be crucial, the help of a family member will allow him to do it himself.
  3. Learning to read and write is a process that complies with the provisions of the ZPD.
  4. Learning to color a drawing, the child will have the tools for it, but the guidance of an adult will allow him to begin to apply and improve when coloring pictures and figures in class.

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