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Examples of zarzuelas

The zarzuelas are a genre of music which is characterized by mixing elements such as theater , concert, sainete, songs and instrumental music, it also has narrated parts, the name of this genre is taken from the Palacio de la Zarzuela since it is precisely the first place where this type of works was represented, this palace was built during the seventeenth century during the reign of Felipe IV, in addition the name of Zarzuela that said palace had is due to the amount of brambles (blackberries or blackberries) that were found in its surroundings.

The zarzuela had an expansion during the colonial period towards countries of America such as Cuba and Venezuela , this genre is also considered as a subgenre of the operetta, the difference between the two is that the zarzuela takes place in a province of Spain and always It includes some element or musical fragment that is based on traditional music from Spain. It is also important to name Lope de Vega and Pedro Calderón de la Barca because they were authors who made great contributions to this genre, there were also many other writers who also contributed to this genre and above all this happened largely during the late nineteenth century. early twentieth century.

To cite some of the first important zarzuelas within the genre and that are considered as pure are El Jardín de Falerina (1648), La Fiera, el rayo y la piedra (1652), Fortunas de Andrómeda y Perseo (1653) and El golfo de the Sirens and El laurel de Apolo, all composed by Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

Examples of zarzuelas:

  1. “The Morning Star” by Manuel Fernández Caballero.
  2. “Black, the clown” by Pablo Sorozábal.
  3. «Gigantes y cabezudos» by Miguel Echegaray and Eizaguirre.
  4. “The Court of the Pharaoh” by Guillermo Perrín and Miguel de Palacios.
  5. “The wedding of Luis Alonso” by Javier de Burgos.
  6. “La revoltosa” by Millán.
  7. «El Rey que rabió» by Miguel Ramos Carrión and Vital Aza.

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