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Yoga is a discipline that aims to find a physical and mental balance through different types of exercises which can vary depending on society and the same evolution of techniques to achieve what many consider as perfection on a spiritual level, tranquility, harmony and relaxation. The different practices of yoga have an important basis in the Hindu tradition and today although it is true it is practiced to achieve an improvement in the emotional and physical aspect, it also has beneficial effects in terms of concentration, emotional stability and control.

Yoga has many modalities and activities designed to improve different physical and mental aspects of the person , however, there are three main ways to practice it, these are poses that are relaxation on the back, on the abdomen or being curled up in a similar to a child. On the other hand, there are guidelines that people who start in this practice follow and that usually the teacher who directs the class explains before starting.

The benefits on a physical level thanks to the practice of yoga are many and the following can be highlighted:

  • The release of toxins and increased defenses to keep the body stronger in relation to diseases.
  • the flexibility and improved joint help many people improve their lifestyle.
  • the increase in the strength and endurance of all the muscles of the body.
  • the body’s metabolism and oxygenation are improved .
  • Pain is reduced in various areas of the body thanks to the increased production of endorphins by the brain.

On an emotional and mental level, the benefits are the serenity and agility of the brain , emotional stability, it is an excellent activity to combat depressive states, improves self-control avoiding episodes of anger and panic attacks, reduces the level of stress and anxiety. You can control much better and also the level of concentration is greatly improved to lead a more organized daily life avoiding tension and emotional pressure.

Examples of yoga

  1. Astanga Yoga
  2. Therapeutic yoga
  3. Hatha yoga
  4. Integral yoga
  5. Bikram Yoga
  6. Kripalu Yoga
  7. Aerial Yoga
  8. Dru Yoga
  9. Yoga nidra
  10. Ananda Yoga
  11. Sivananda Yoga
  12. Viniyoga
  13. Bharata Yoga
  14. Kundalini yoga
  15. Raja Yoga

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