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Examples of Yerba Mate

Is the name Ilex Paraguariensis known to you?  I believe that few people know this tree under its name. Well, now let’s be clear, it’s time to talk about  yerba mate being one of the best known products in South America. Mainly in countries such as:  Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile , which are consumers and some countries that produce yerba mate that many families and friends consume a “hot or cold mate.” There is a lot of variety in these and that is why we will tell you about these examples of yerba mate that have come out for consumption.

Examples of Yerba Mate that exist

The  production of yerba mate is very important and its consumption in these countries (mainly) is very large. Also, it is important to bear in mind that this product is exported in other countries and it is said that “whoever falls in love with mate can never leave it.”

Yerba mate con palo: What  this product does is that yerba mate is one of the softest you can find. Its flavor is pleasant and although its duration is slightly reduced, it is one of the most consumed.

Yerba mate without stick:  Its flavor is strong and lasts longer. It is the second most consumed product in terms of the types of yerba mate on the market.

Yerba mate compound: Its consumption is very important today, its flavor will depend on the yerba in which it is combined. We find yerba mate flavor orange, pear, mint, among other herbs that can make it even an energy product.

Yerba mate barbácua:  A well-known product in Paraguay, it involves roasting yerba mate to give it a smoky and delicious flavor.

Yerba mate for tereré:  In general, other herbs such as mint are combined for example to take a tereré with an extremely pleasant flavor.

Organic yerba mate:  A product that has become fashionable in recent years with the aim of caring for the environment, that is, that the production is not responsible for damaging trees, among other things that lead to the production of yerba mate.

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